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What is the purpose of Animal Communication?

Pets are special souls who have volunteered to be our teachers in this lifetime. They are a type of angel.

Interspecies companionship is a profound spiritual path. I will do my best to help you understand and harmonize your pet's mission in your life.

If your companion is in the spirit world, I will ask them to be present with us as we speak. I will describe details that will leave you no doubt we are in contact.

Ukrainian Hereditary
Animal Intuitive

Raisa Stone

Her services are globally available by phone.
Raisa can help you with:

-Rescue rehab
-Training issues
-Chronic illness & euthanasia
-Challenging behaviors
-Pet loss grief: specialist in spirit world contact
-Pet conflicts
-Performance issues

Sorry, Raisa does not take on lost pets.

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To learn more about how Animal Communication can help solve your pet problems, continue reading down this page.

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Does your pet have these common PTSD symptoms?
Raisa can help:

*Intense reactions
*Flinch from affection



*Easily startled

*Restless sleep
*Intense food, toy or territory guarding
Conflicts with other animals
*Fear of specific places or situations
*Fear of men/women/kids

Hello, I'm Raisa Stone, a hereditary Animal Intuitive. I'm first and foremost a voice for the voiceless, an animal advocate.

Is your companion's behavior driving you crazy?

You'll learn what your companion animal thinks, feels and wants. Behavioral problems often begin to resolve when pets feel they're truly being heard.
They don't judge their own behaviors as "problematic." They're simply trying to be heard.

Your sessions, even the fact you consulted me, are completely confidential.

Do you:

-Spend countless hours and dollars trying to change your pet?
-Seek every possible solution, from expensive equipment to total
  permissiveness, with little improvement?
-Avoid certain situations?
-Delay vet or groomer visits due to nightmarish behavior?
-Lose work or sleep?
-Lose precious and costly items to their destructiveness?
-Feel angry or disgusted at your pet's behavior, then feel guilty?
-Get complaints from neighbours or even Animal Control?
-Fear that when other people tell you to, "Just get rid of it"---they may
  be right?
-Blow classes or even entire expensive weekends at shows?
-Experience confusion from conflicting opinions about animal behavior?
-Have a stack of expensive books and DVDs gathering dust?

The answer can be in learning your companion's point of view. Your pet has been waiting a lifetime to speak with you. If you've ever personally experienced the frustration other people "deciding for you" what is in your best interest----than you have an idea of what being a pet is like.

Your companion's behaviors are a message for you.They may be saying the same thing over and over, yet unable to make themselves understood.
I can tell you what they're saying.

I tell you what they want. In turn, I explain to them what you'd like, in a positive way. Solutions my clients reach with their pets are creative and joyful. You, of course, must be willing to look at your own part in the drama. If needed, I will also suggest additional resources, such as second opinions and specific training or activity programs. I am an experienced animal trainer.

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How can Animal Communication help you and your pet?

-Discover the roots of problem behavior, from your pet's point of view. Understanding is the key to solving problems

-Ease changes in your life that affect your pets: moving, career change, new relationships, a baby, adopting another pet, health problems. Our life changes seem absolutely immense to our pets, and can trigger troubling behaviors.

Many times, pets' good intentions are misunderstood. They communicate in physical ways when their voices are unheard. The behavior escalates as their intentions continue to be misunderstood and even punished. Animal Communication can help break the vicious circle.

-Understand pet conflicts

-Get your pet's opinion on activities, nutrition, care givers, trainers, methods and products

-Support through chronic illness, natural death and euthanasia. I give you your pet's point of view. The messages they give during critical transitions will touch and amaze you.

-Reveals a rescued pet's past and eases trauma

As pets are our Master Teachers, I can ask yours to relay a special message as to their purpose in your life. You may discover that a problem behavior is actually a gateway to your own personal and spiritual growth.

I can speak with your pet anywhere in the world, through telepathy. This doesn't require a meeting. I read energy, and only need a photo in order to connect. 

Have you lost your beloved companion? I'm a gifted Spirit Medium. Spirit world contact can be the significant step that helps comfort grief. When I lost my heart dog Chant (in the photo above), my life fell to ruins. A spiritual message from her began the road to recovery from this devastating loss. My story is here.

If you're ready to hear what your companion animal has to say, click here.

Your session is completely confidential.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards to you and your pet,

Raisa Stone

Expert Animal Intuitive

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Raisa's work as an Animal Communicator, rescuer & environmentalist is seen widely in the media. She is a donor, speaker & instructor for several professional and nonprofit organizations:
The Cat Show
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