Animal Communication

~Henry Scott Holland, 1847-1918
"I will be forever grateful for Raisa's help, her incredible gift, and for what she has done for our family. I can't tell you how peaceful it feels to finally see our two beautiful kitties napping on the bed together without any sneezing, coughing, growling, swatting or tension in the room. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"
~Linda P., Bacchaus & Turtle

"Raisa did a fantastic job of reading my ponies...I was able to have an extremely in-depth conversation with them. It blew me away how accurate she was, and how her advice has helped me...She gave me a much better understanding of why these two loving animals are in my life. She told me how my horses and I are connected on a much higher, soulful level."
~Lisa Everett, Max and Vegas, New Brunswick

"Amazingly perceptive and tuned in to my dog...clarified questions I had about Saint. I was able to resolve some of his daily frustrations with my other dog..."
~Shannon Malmberg, Zen Dog Training. Owner/trainer of the #1 Obedience German Shepherd in Canada, Mila von Grunheide

"I love Raisa so much and trust her 100%. And that includes with my personal belongings and all of my sweet loved ones' furry babies. She has a very genuine, 100% compassionate approach that seeks to affirm a holistic approach to all that she does."
~Donny Harrison, Little Buddies Pet Care, Vancouver, BC

"I was a skeptic, now I'm a believer. I was to only give Raisa a picture of my Shih Tzu, Emma [with no clues]...I was blown away. As one of many examples, Raisa had no way of knowing I was putting pink clothes on Emma, but Emma told her she did not like her pink shirt. She said her favourite colour is red, and that she liked her new collar. I had just bought her a new red collar!

Raisa was very accurate about Emma's background, present behavior, likes, dislikes and fears. Thank you, Raisa!"
~Marion Hewko and Emma. President: Safe at Last Rescue & Associate of Best Friends Rescue, sanctuary for the Michael Vicks dogs

Raisa's work as an Animal Communicator, rescuer & environmentalist is seen widely in the media. She is a donor, speaker & instructor for several professional and nonprofit organizations:
The Cat Show
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