Thank you for visiting my Affiliate Program! My name is Raisa Stone. I'm a professional Animal Communicator and hereditary energy healer.

Are you new to the term "Affiliate"? It's an easy way to earn passive income. All you do is post my products to your website or blog. You'll receive a unique code. When visitors from your site buy my products, the code will credit the sale to you.

No sign up fee or active selling is required
You don't have to attend sales seminars or wear promo buttons on your shirt. Nor do I engage in "get rich quick" or "pyramid" type sales. My reputation as an AC and healer is too important to me to get tangled in schemes.
Approved Affiliates earn a generous commission of 50%, with no hidden fees. This is a great fundraiser for rescues. Just post my products, and get on with helping animals.

I don't require set up or maintenance fees. I don't want your credit card number. There are no hidden costs.

These quality learning tools are attractive to many clients who want to test the waters of Animal Communication.

I'm seeking partners who not only love animals, but have a high standard of ethics.
I'm a record-holding, lifelong animal advocate and rescuer. Our partnership reflects mutually on our professional services and principles.

If you're an animal mill, pet broker or an organization that funds animal testing, move along.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which products are available to Affiliates?
A: I currently have three products: digital guided journeys called Awaken the Gift of Animal Communication, Heart to Heart with Animals.
as well as Sweet Kisses: Peaceful, Low Cost Dental Care for Your Pet.
Also available is a 3 in 1 Package at a nice saving.

Their retail value is $20.00 USD each. The 3 in 1 package is $45, a really great deal. It also nets you a $22.50 commission. If you like, you can post only this package on your site. It's up to you.

Again, you probably won't get rich with this program. But imagine how nice it will be when that extra $10, $20 or $50 or $100 comes in unexpectedly. That's a bale of hay, a load of bedding, a payment on your vet or electric bill. And after you set up the graphics on your website, you do absolutely nothing.

Q: What does it cost to join your Affiliate Program?

A: Nothing!
Only your enthusiasm. There's no start up or maintenance cost to earn commissions. No kit to buy. The cost of your membership to E-Junkie is paid by me. You earn 50% of every sale that comes through your site.

E-Junkie's strict-but-fair rules forbid Sellers from charging you a set up or maintenance fee.

I also genuinely appreciate the extra income from your sales. I live with chronic pain from a spinal crush injury, which can limit my work hours and ability to care for my rescues. I've had to pull back from a great deal of my animal training activities.

Q: How will my website visitors know to purchase your products?

At the top of this page are a few of the product images available for your website or blog. You'll have access to more once you join my program. You can choose from a variety of species.

Visitors will be savvy enough to click on the image. Or, you can write a line or two by the image, directing them to click. They'll automatically be transferred to my Learn Animal Communication page. Your unique code will come along with their click, telling me to pay you.

Q: When do I get paid?

A: I pay out monthly, by the fourth week of the subsequent month. Every product purchase your referral makes from me over a six month period from the initial purchase, will generate a commission for you. They do not have to click through from your site again in order for you to get paid!

Exception: you may not use your Affiliate status for a personal or family product discount. Though you're not obligated to purchase any product, personal purchases will be at full price.

Q: How do I know I'll get paid?

A: I'm an Approved Seller at E-Junkie
, who administrates my product sales and monitors pay outs. I'm an Approved Business of many years with Paypal, through whom your commission is paid.

Click on EJ's Affiliate tab. You'll see that E-Junkie has a strict set of rules, in which they keep track of your payments. Globally, they're one of the most trusted third party administrators for Affiliate programs. They are further monitored by Paypal for ethical business practice.

You can check into your commission status any time on their site. I pay them to track sales, and have no control over their independent reports.

Q: What are  examples of a good match?

-Animal nutrition
-Animal shelters & rescues
-Animal advocates
-Animal trainers & behaviorists
-Animal artists & photographers
-Pet supplies (no live sales)
-Tack stores
-Dedicated bloggers: the environment, Nature, animals, holistic healing

-Environmental groups
-Wildlife rehabilitation centres
-Holistic practitioners of all types
-Energy healing practitioners
-Metaphysical suppliers
-Book stores
-Community & cultural centres
-New Thought & Spiritualist churches

Q: Will I earn a commission if someone I know engages your professional services?

A: While I certainly appreciate referrals, my services as an Animal Communicator and energy healer are not part of my Affiliate Program. The 50% commission applies only to sales of recorded and written materials as specified on this page.


If you feel inspired by the materials: I'm also available to travel and teach Animal Communication workshops.

To become approved as an Affiliate, please submit the form below. I take your privacy seriously. Your contact information is kept strictly confidential.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours in the love of animals,

Raisa Stone
Expert Animal Communicator
BC, Canada

Affiliate Application

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Your information is confidential. Raisa uses this information to screen applicants for genuine identities. You're applying to represent her life work, be granted access to her third party download account and receive Paypal payments. You'll receive her address during monthly commission pay out.

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