What an Animal Communication Session Is Like

Your companion's thoughts and feelings will be conveyed to you in their own words. Spirit contact is a profound and soothing way to address your overwhelming feelings of loss.

-I will touch base with your companion(s) before your phone appointment. This  is not billed in addition.
-We'll have a phone discussion. You may ask as many questions as you like. We can discuss any pet issue you like. Your session is a lively conversation between you, myself and your pets!
-You may contact me for your session from anywhere in the world.

I will ask your companion's soul to be present with us as we speak. I will describe details that will leave you no doubt we are in contact. You will hear, in your pet's words, what signs they are sending to let you know their spirit is still with you. Sometimes they send these signs through surviving pets.
I completely understand what it is like to love an animal with your entire heart and soul. Your session will not only provide deep insight into your pet's mission in your life, but a special experience speaking with someone who "gets it." Some of us are born to be animal people. It does not make us weird. Our special bond is desperately needed in a society where so many animals are neglected. 

Pets are special souls who have volunteered to be our teachers in this lifetime. They are a type of angel.

Interspecies companionship and love is a profound spiritual path, and I will do my best to help you understand and harmonize your pet's mission in your life.

Please note that animal communication is not a substitute for veterinary care.

What About My Privacy?

Your session is confidential, including the fact you contacted me. Your pet is your special angel, and very protective of you. With information they wish to convey that at the same time they want kept private, they'll use oblique references that you'll understand, but I may not.

For example: if you took your dog to drive-throughs as a reward. but have told them it's best kept secret, they may only refer to it as "our special place, after the vet"!

I do not take a psychic snapshot of your life. I focus on your questions and convey your pet's message from the spirit world. This is a profound and effective way to soothe your grief.

Book Your AC Session

Booking requires:

-A pet photo
-Basic pet background and questions you'd like me to ask your pet(s)


My fee is $150 per hour. An hour session includes up to two pets. All taxes are included.

I can also work with pets who are still with you. They are also grieving profound loss. Additional pets are $75.00 each. Each additional pet adds 30 minutes to your session.

Canadians may pay by Paypal or by INTERAC e-transfer, at par. All other countries, please use Paypal. My email for INTERAC is: info (at) reisastone.com


Paypal buttons are below

1 hour, 1-2 pets

$ 150.00 USD

One hour Animal Communication. Up to two pets

Two hours, up to 4 pets. Time may be divided.

$ 300 USD

Hours may be used over time.

1.5 hours, up to 3 pets. Time may be divided

$ 225.00 USD

3 Hours, up to 6 Pets. Time may be divided.

$ 450.00 USD


Once you have paid, please forward:

One or two clear, unedited .jpg photos of your pet(s) as attachments. No red eye or Photoshop. At least one eye visible. Make the photo as plain as possible, i.e. no toys, tack, food bowls, people, or other environmental "clues." It's my job to give you details. A head shot is good, a second whole body shot is fine.

Label your photo files this way:
Sally Jones & Rover.jpg

Unlabeled files are easily lost inside computers. JPEG photo files are labeled by the same method as labeling document files.

To ensure my emails reach you, make me a Safe Sender. Place this

email inside your address book: info(at)reisastone.com

Replace (at) with @    

Thank you!


Animal Communication is not a substitute for veterinary care, good nutrition, exercise, humane treatment or training.

By forwarding payment and/or session materials to Raisa Stone, you agree to the Terms of Service below.

Raisa's Session, Phone and Email Hours

Monday to Friday,
Noon-8 pm
Pacific Standard Time
Saturday, noon-5 pm
Except Canadian & BC holidays
, Ukrainian Christmas and New Year

-Appointments are offered in Pacific Standard Time (Vancouver BC). Please determine any differences in Time Zone by dialing an Operator or consulting the World Clock.

Terms of Service