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Is your pet anxious, fearful, aggressive, healing very slowly from illness or trauma? Are you stressed out from lack of sleep, destruction of property, conflicts in your home or in public? Is your pet a nightmare to take to the vet or groomer?

I rebalance the chakra (energy) centres of the body.This helps boost the immune and nervous system, and clears emotional baggage.

Energy healing supports healing and positive behavioral changes.It creates confidence in timid creatures, and calms pushy and even aggressive ones. If your pet has PTSD (as many rescues do), energy healing helps lessen the distressing symptoms.

I descend from a lineage of spiritual healers and Animal Communicators who have practiced since before the Ice Age, in Ukraine. We tamed the horse and wolf, and have an incredible connection with animal consciousness.

As I accept two or more individuals in a healing session, this can be very useful for resolving pet conflicts.



One Pure Energy Healing Session

is $75.00 for 1-2 pets, or one pet and one human. Sessions are 30 minutes.

If you'd like a session for more than two individuals, add $37.50 for each. 15 minutes will be added for each.

Fees include taxes.


Sessions are 30 minutes in length/two individuals, and do not include a phone conversation as with Animal Communication. You'll receive an email report in the week following your session.

Energy Healing

Healing Information Form

I understand and accept that Raisa Stone offers energy healing as a complementary modality. Energy healing and Animal Communication are not substitutes for medical care, nutrition, training, nor humane treatment. I hold Raisa Stone/Dear Companion harmless from any actions I take as a result of a session, or perceptions I have of mine or my animal's behavior and health. I understand that receiving services from Raisa is subject to her accepting my application.

I am 19 years +

I am the legal owner of this animal.

Once you've paid and submitted the application above, please email to

info (at) reisastone.com:

-A clear .jpg photo of your pet or yourself. For pets: At least one eye visible, no red eye, no toys, dishes, tack or people. A head portrait is fine. An additional full body photo, even better.

Label the .jpg photo with yours and your pet's name, e.g. Sally Jones & Rover.

-If you're purchasing a gift, please provide only the giftee's full name. I can't ethically accept information for a third party.

-You'll receive a response within 48 hours (excluding weekends and Canadian holidays).

-Make sure to add my email to your Safe Senders list.
Energetic healing is not a substitute for veterinary or medical care.

By submitting the above form, I agree to the Terms of Service.

If your pet
is ble
eding, has been hit by a car, a heavy object or fallen from a height (bleeding or not), can't move, hasn't pooped or peed for 24 hours, is vomiting, has green mucus coming out of their nose or eyes, hasn't eaten in 48 hours or drank for 24 hours, is pooping or spitting blood, wheezing/choking, is breathing oddly, has a bloated tummy, has a limb, wing or tail that is at an odd angle or severed, cries when touched or picked up, and/or your horse/pony/donkey is sweating without exertion, biting at her sides, has cracked feet, is rolling obsessively, standing oddly, wheezing or groaning and/or your rabbit has not eaten in 12 hours:
you must call a vet immediately.~
Raisa Stone, Animal Communicator
Bacchaus before. Unwell kitty.
Turtle and Bacchaus now
"We originally contacted Reisa regarding our new addition, a 6 month old deaf Turkish Angora. He came into a home where a 7 year old Russian Blue mix was, for a short time, the only cat.

To make a long story short, they weren’t acting like the best of friends and I wanted to see if there was anything we could do to make the transition smoother.

...Two days after his adoption I had to rush him to the vet as he was so congested he couldn’t breathe from his nose, green mucus had encrusted around his muzzle and he was extremely lethargic. After numerous tests it turned out he had actually picked up 2 viruses, 1 bacterial infection and 1 fungal infection from his previous residency...

For the next 3 months we were in and out of the vet, given 4 types of antibiotics, ointments and drops and by Christmas he was showing some promise of recovery but he still wasn’t there, he still seemed depressed...

I signed him up for a few sessions of Energy Healing. I have to say I was a little hesitant as it was distant healing, meaning she was not physically present with our Kitten during the sessions. Two days after his first session all hesitation regarding the sessions flew out the door!

He was strutting around the house with his tail up, he was scaling his 4 foot scratching post in seconds and was now, for the first time, standing up for himself against out other cat. Ever since his sessions he has been a different cat.

He has gone from a wimp to Beast! I get to play with him like a kitten for the first time since we adopted him. He has now established himself in all of our hearts and his role within the family. He is a true blessing and I will be forever grateful for all of Reisa’s help, her incredible gift, and for what she has done for our family.

Reisa I’m sure you are aware of this but if not, your gifts to help us truly understand how to make our pets lives better is worth more than all the money in the world. I can’t tell you how peaceful it feels to finally see our two beautiful kitties napping on the bed together without any sneezing, coughing, growling, swatting or tension in the room.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!"

~Linda P., New Westminster BC

Read Linda's entire Testimonial here.

"This is my 12 year old, Blitzen, who has many health problems, including cardiac, lungs and urinary incontinence. Reisa included him in her last 'energy healing blast' and he's been feeling great since. He is not as scared as he used to be, he'll walk right out of the bedroom and outside. We've had him for several years but he's always been kind of a chicken. He seems to be feeling much better now. Thanks!"
~Monica Davis North, Indiana

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