Q:I'm ready to hear what my pet has to say. How do I arrange an appointment?           

A: Hello! I look forward to speaking with you. You may book sessions here.

Your sessions will be over the phone. As Animal Communication is about transmission of energy, distance is not a barrier.

Q: How do I know you're not making things up?

A: I'll ask your pet questions to which only you would know the answers. To that end, it's important you don't include your pet's toys, dishes, etc. in photos.

Q: Can you fix: digging, chewing, aggression, soiling, bucking, poor performance in the show ring, disobedience, pulling on the leash, bolting, etc.?

I relay your pet's reasons for their behavior. I can't "order" an animal to stop doing something, but I can facilitate agreements between the two of you.
This involves commitment on your part to solving the issue. I may recommend vet care and additional training. As pets are out Master Teachers, you must be prepared to see your part in the problem.

Q: Can you speak with every animal?

A: Most pets are eager to be heard and understood. However, the occasional animal prefers their privacy.

Q: Can you speak with all species?

A: So far, yes. All creatures possess consciousness, intelligence and spiritual energy.

Q: Can you contact a pet that has passed away?

A: Yes. Animals in the spirit world are with us and usually want to communicate. In my indigenous Ukrainian culture, the spirit world is as real as the physical.

Q: I am facing my pet's death. Can you provide support?

A: Of course. I understand wholeheartedly how close you are to your pet. Losing a pet is devastating and life-changing. Not everyone around us understands the depth of our grief. I provide pre-death support, as well as grief counseling for both anticipated and accidental death. Euthanasia is never an easy decision. It is normal to feel doubt about, "whether I'm doing the right thing." I provide communication with your pet, helping him/her share in the decision.

If you need support, Contact me.

Q: I paid my vet for the usual eyes/ears/temperature/stethoscope check up, and nothing came up. I can tell my pet is "off." Can you tell me what's wrong?

A: I can ask your pet where they feel pain, and for their insights on an illness. Animal Communication is not a substitute for veterinary care. It's an empowering complement. Neither is your pet a veterinarian; their insights don't mean they can name their illness or its treatment. I strongly recommend a blood/urine/feces panel as part of your annual check up, and particularly when your pet is ill. I also believe in second opinions.

Q: Do you find lost pets?

A: I'm sorry, I don't do lost pet sessions. "Lost" animals are very rarely stuck somewhere. They change locations frequently. I see the environment through the animals' eyes. "I'm in the bushes where I caught a mouse," will just send you on a wild goose chase. Neither will it help if I convey that your cat was picked up by a lady in a yellow dress who feeds him canned food. Pets can't read street signs or gauge directions/distances.

You're frankly best to put out hundreds of flyers with your pet's photo, visit shelters daily---staff may overlook your pet in these hectic places---create Facebook Pages and Craigslist ads, and meditate on a golden stream of light that radiates outward from your heart, to your pet's heart.

Q: I really need a session, but cannot afford one. Do you do free sessions?

A: I donate significant resources to pre-screened animal rescues. I have a waiting list for these.

Q: Are you going to read my mind, heh heh heh?

A: If I had that gift, I would expend my energy on Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Robin Williams and Maya Angelou.

Q: How do you feel about animal experimentation?

A: It feels like a truck running over my heart, my brain bleeding, and the certain knowledge experimenters are going to Hell for a very, very long time. The only benefits animal testing has are to line the researchers' pockets; it also harms humans with highly inaccurate information.

Please donate money only to ethical charities that do not test on animals.  Humane Charity Seal can help you with that choice.

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 Banner photo: Le Roi des Animaux by Adrian W. Bell III