Fifteen Minute Mini-Consult

$ 50 CAD

Three simple questions for one pet, e.g., how your pet likes the new barn or daycare, how they feel about their blanket and toys, which sitter/groomer/trainer/ your pet prefers. Also pre-adoption or pre-purchase personality photo analysis, one or two photos. If the latter is what you'd like, please ignore the questions below past your contact information. Thank you.

It is not feasible to explore behavioral, health, Rainbow Bridge contact or trauma issues in a session of this length.
In order to book your appointment, your session must be prepaid and the information form submitted (below).

Your fee can be also be paid with INTERAC e-Transfer. If you prefer this, please contact Dear Companion so we may send you an invoice.

Raisa will respond to you within 24 hours to book your appointment time, except Sundays. I'm on Pacific Standard Time. Please submit by noon PST Friday to hear back before Monday. In the meantime, please prepare a clear photo of your pet. Eyes visible, no red eye, no toys, dishes, tack or people. Your pet will provide details.

Your information will be held in strictest confidence. Animal Communication is not a substitute for veterinary care or training.

Session Information Form

I am 18 years or over.

I have paid the session fee, so that my appointment time may be booked.

I have read the Service Agreement below, and will sign and forward at least 24 hours before my session

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