My Guarantee

-If you feel Raisa has not connected with your pet, your expressing this within the first five minutes of your session will result in a full refund.

 -You'll receive your pet's words and mental images accurately.

-You'll learn something new about animal care, training or communication.

-You'll gain clarity about your relationship with your pet.

-Your personal information will be kept confidential.

-Raisa will spend considerable time speaking with your pet before your phone session, taking notes as she does so. She also take notes during your session. You'll receive these notes. She takes time to place myself in a meditative state before speaking with your pet, and to close with them after.

-You'll receive the exact time agreed upon for your sessions. You'll never be billed amounts without your explicit agreement. The quoted fee includes taxes and session notes.

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Your info will never be loaned, rented or sold.

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Benson, whose anxiety no longer required  chemical sedation after being in Raisa's care.