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Raisa, Why do you ask questions about my pets on the application form? I thought you were a professional intuitive!

A: I'm an Animal Communicator and consultant-advocate. I'm more of a telepath and empath, with all six intuitive senses. Think "animal-loving Deanna Troi."

I enter your pet's consciousness, and speak from their point of view. I deeply empathize with their feelings and needs. I help you reach solutions for difficult behavior, that takes these into account every step of the way.

I ask whether they're a rescue who is in their permanent home, because some animals will not open up fully until I answer to this. They'll ask, "Are they keeping me?"

Their last owner said they loved them, too. They need reassurance before trusting further. Remember, I'm a stranger to them!

If they're a foster or being rehomed
, I work with them and you to make a positive transition. At all times, I tell animals and clients the truth.

I may also need to
gently inquire about past trauma. The latter may explain present behavioral challenges, and can be healed.

I ask whether they're neutered, as it is rude and distressing to ask someone this directly. Though I am pro-neuter (due to overpopulation), we can't ignore the trauma of surgery and the inability to be sexual and reproduce. Imagine meeting someone at a party, and saying, "Nice to meet you. Have you been castrated?"

I also then whether or not to ask questions about offspring, so as to not hurt their feelings. If they volunteer that they've given birth/sired babies, I'll approach this in a way that helps them connect with their offspring spiritually.

Reproduction is a primary concern of animals, and we must be compassionate in how we discuss it.

I ask about illness and injury so I can interview your pet properly, OR refer you to appropriate resources.

I sometimes receive applications from people who need to get their pet to the veterinarian---not wait for an appointment with me! Again, your pet's well being is foremost. Before your session, I may also look up resources for you.

I ask what you've tried with behavioral issues. Note the wording. I have clients who run the spectrum from experienced trainers, to people with their first pet who say they're training "from a TV show."

Your pet may have no idea their behavior is a problem. Most cats don't consider spraying in the house to be distressing; they enjoy it. So they don't necessarily tell me. Aggressive animals consider their behavior to be perfectly normal, and so on. They don't know why you're yanking on the leash and yelling. In fact, what you're describing as "aggressive," may be a normal behavior.

One good example is the many horses I've been told are biters. Actually, they may be trying to groom you in a friendly manner, and just don't yet know not to use their teeth. In these cases, I teach the horse to stop using their teeth, and teach you how to enforce this in a humane manner. Dogs of herding background may nip. It's not aggression, it's misguided work ethic!

So I ask you what you've tried. And what has worked/not worked. Sometimes I do research or look for resources for you, before we even have our first session: training, health care, nutrition, tack, harnesses, collars, etc. With an extensive background in animal care and training, I also provide consultation.

When you answer the form questions very briefly and factually: I can speak with your companion in a way that both elicits crucial information and respects their feelings.

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Animal Communication Info Form .doc Animal Communication Info Form .doc
Size : 31 Kb
Type : doc