Have a Teleparty!

In a fun, uplifting teleconference call, you'll learn about Animal Communication and have a question answered from your pet's point of view.

This is a live call where you're free to interact, not a pre-recorded info session. You can invite friends from anywhere in North America. Once you've registered, you'll receive a long distance phone number and access code. Long distance charges are your responsibility.

As a reward for organizing, your spot will be free, and you'll also receive a thirty minute private session with Reisa Stone!

You'll need to organize four (or more) friends. You'll collect $40 and a clear pet photo from each. Fees and photos need to be forwarded to Reisa at least 5 business days ahead of your Teleparty.

We accept Paypal and INTERAC e-Transfers. Email: info (at) reisastone.com

Photos: eyes visible, no red eye. Please omit toys, people, dishes, tack, blankets, etc., as Reisa will give you details that verify she's connected with your pet. Each photo must be clearly labeled with participant's name, and pet's name. She'll refer to this photo during the Teleparty. Unclear labeling will waste everyone's time as she searches.

Each participant should have one question for their pet. Your questions about learning Animal Communication are welcome, too!

Host + four friends=one hour Teleparty. Ten minutes will be added for each extra person, e.g. Host + seven friends=1.5 hours.

No refunds, as Raisa starts work on connecting with pets as soon as she receives photos.

To book your Teleparty, Contact Raisa


Dear Companion

Animal Consultancy


Private sessions. an in-depth, spiritually transformative, experience of your companion animal's thoughts and feelings. Ongoing sessions available.

This is not, "Your dog likes being scratched behind her ears," stated in a meaningful, mysterious tone. You will hear about personal quirks, toys, tack, favorite treats and other details that will leave you no doubt Raisa is speaking with your animal.

As she's yet to meet an animal who can pick a winning Lotto number, Raisa does not do fortune telling sessions :-D

Click here for more details.

Learn Animal Communication. Attend a workshop, or book Reisa for a speaking engagement.

Teleparties are conference calls for 5 or more friends. The host attends free and receives a half hour private session.

Pre-adoption/purchase evaluation. Receive a personality synopsis of up to three animals in a half hour session, from photos. Raisa also recommend a pre-adoption vet exam.

To book a service, please Contact Raisa.


Gift Certificates
Gift certificates may be applied to Teleparties, private sessions or workshops. Please have the recipient contact Dear Companion to arrange details. Gift certificates are non-refundable, in whole or in part.