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RedRover (formerly United Animal Nations) brings animals from crisis to care and strengthens the bond between people and animals. RR shelters animals displaced by natural disasters, and reconnects them to owners. They care for animals rescued from puppy mills, hoarding cases and other significant abuse situations, and help pet guardians during financial hardship or domestic violence.

The Guardian Campaign was created in 1999 by In Defense of Animals (IDA) to reflect and nurture the growing sentiment that "owner" does not reflect the bond that develops between people and animals. IDA believes "guardian" denotes a higher level of responsibility, caring and respect toward the animals with whom people share their lives. 

Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries publicly advocates for the compelling need to actively support accredited sanctuaries for many species of animals. GFAS is bringing recognition and support to legitimate sanctuaries around the globe, while illegitimate commercial operators or substandard roadside menageries that merely call themselves a “sanctuary” are exposed to the public.

World Wildlife Fund's mission is the conservation of nature. Using the best available scientific knowledge and advancing that knowledge where they can, WWF works to preserve the diversity and abundance of life on Earth and the health of ecological systems by protecting natural areas and wild populations of plants and animals, including endangered species. 

The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) is an educational organization whose ultimate goal is the elimination of animal use in product testing, education and biomedical research. NAVS seeks to identify the cruelty and waste of vivisection and to convince the general public to work actively for its ultimate abolition.

 Old Friends Equine Retirement began as a one-horse sanctuary for a Thoroughbred race horse. Then news broke of the inconceivable death of Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand in a slaughterhouse. They knew such a death must never happen again. And so the plan became to bring " at risk" racehorses--those whose racing and breeding careers had come to an end--to Old Friends, provide them with the dignified retirement they deserve. This is the only sanctuary in North America that shelters stallions.

works to abolish the commercial fur trade, ban dog and cat fur in Canada, and create opportunities to co-exist with wildlife (e.g. beavers and coyotes). They have lost their charitable status due to the Canadian government prohibiting charities from lobbying for humane legislation.

Paddy Head is a pioneering female jockey-turned-author. Her fast paced stories will make you feel like you're riding a galloping Thoroughbred!

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition works to end horse slaughter. 100,000 horses are brutally butchered annually, to feed wealthy European and Japanese gourmands. Please download a petition to support Bill C-322. Every horse knows its brothers and sisters are being killed. End the slaughter.

Vivisection information from In Defense of Animals. Animal research is indefensible. It exists solely for the purpose of lining scientists' pockets. It is not only sadistic, it produces results that largely, cannot be applied to human health.

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