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Before A Pet Goes Missing

Microchip microchip microchip! Update the information the same day you move.

Have clear, recent photos in both your computer and as hard copy.

Do not allow cats or any other pets to wander loose. Thousands of cats are tortured, hit by cars, torn apart by predators, poisoned and otherwise killed annually. Cats are also responsible for the agonizing deaths of many wild creatures. Keep them in, or build a wire habitat.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Horscope Magazine

 Wild Woman Weekend


 Lakeshore Lighthorse Association

Ride-a-Thon for Disabled Kids' Camps

National magazine of Ukrainian culture

I know you feel frantic with anxiety and frustration. I'm sorry, I don't offer lost pet communication sessions for reasons stated in FAQ. Below are resources for you. All my very best in recovering your loved one.

All pets


Missing horses

Vet advice with many links to helping agencies. Click on Pet Resources in the left hand menu.

Photos and flyer templates for many bird types. Just enter your contact info, and print.

Comprehensive bird recovery site.

My advice to help you through this:

Stay calm as you can. Breathe breathe breathe, and visualize a strong beam of light calling your pet to your side. Keep a photo of your pet by your bed. You may receive information in a dream, pay attention. Don't give up.

Print hundreds of flyers with photos.

Place your pet's favorite food and cage outside next to a baby monitor.

Put the word out to local animal rescues.

Post on Craigslist and Facebook. Make your pet his/her own Facebook page.

Phone animal shelters within 100 miles every day. Don't rely on computer postings of found animals. Shelters and rescues often run behind.

Visit all shelters within reach, at least every second day. The dog you call a "Labradoodle" may be logged in as "Retriever mix," or your budgie as just "bird."

Shelters are hectic, underfunded places. To staff who are juggling crises, your pet may resemble several others. A large puppy mill or hoarder seizure may be so overwhelming, it may mean your pet is not even catalogued individually.

Make sure each shelter and vet office has a photo of your pet. Forward both photo posters and photo emails.

My heart goes out to you. Don't give up hope.
Many animals are found weeks, months and even years later.