Rainbow Bridge Session

Ninety minutes, for up to three pets: $220. Two pets may be in the physical world.

Each additional pet after three ...$35

Payment is by INTERAC e-Transfer, in Canadian dollars. If your financial institution doesn't support INTERAC, please request a Paypal invoice.

ail: info (at) reisastone.com. Replace (at) with @

Remember to send Raisa the password to claim the transfer. Are you new to e-Transfer? It's easy and secure. Your banking information remains private. Information here.

In order to book your appointment, your session must be prepaid, and the required materials submitted, as outlined below.

As soon as you have paid, and forwarded the required materials, please phone to book your appointment: (604) 769-1734. Hours are noon to 9 pm PST, Monday to Friday, and noon to 5 pm PST Saturday. Please submit by noon PST Friday to hear back before Monday.

Please email:

-Two clear photos of your pet. At least one eye visible, no red eye, no toys, dishes, tack or people. Label the photo with yours and your pet's name, e.g. Rover & Sally Jones.jpg  

Email address: info (at) reisastone.com

-The Session Information Form, below

-The Agreement, below.

Your information will be held in strictest confidence. Animal Communication is not a substitute for veterinary care, good nutrition, exercise, humane treatment or training.

Session Information Form

I am 19 years of age or over.

I agree that in order to book my appointment, I must pay for my session and forward both my pets' photos and the Agreement below.

To ensure you receive a reply, put Reisa's email in your address book.

I have forwarded the one-time e-Transfer password to: info (at) reisastone.com