Welcome to the miracle of Animal Communication! In order to get the most from your session:

As soon as possible, give your pets explicit permission to speak with me. I'll touch base with them before our phone appointment.

Fifteen minutes before your appointment, sit still and relax, clearing your mind as best you can. Breathe breathe breathe! Listen with your heart.

Turn off all distractions, such as TV, radio and cell phone. Your pet doesn't have to be with you, but it can be fun and informative to watch their behavior. I've let them know I'll be tuning in.

The more openly you're willing to listen and regard your pet as an individual, the more openly they'll communicate and possibly change unwelcome behaviours. Let go of animal stereotypes. Not every dog enjoys "fetch," not all cats hate water, and not every horse comes running to the sound of oats in a bucket.

Don't be afraid your pet will relate personal information that is not my concern. Animals are innocent and loyal. I relay what they tell me word for word. I sometimes don't catch their meaning, because they'll guard your privacy by using a "code" only you and they understand. For example, family nicknames or made-up words for familiar objects.

Their lack of judgment and the simplicity of their needs is stunning.

With behavioural issues, we can feel we are the only ones with "this problem." For example: If they're soiling or otherwise being destructive---this is
very common---let's get it out in the open and see what we can do. I've cried over having to discard expensive items; I've heard or experienced, countless other forms of animal behavior.

Sometimes, your pet's "problem" isn't a problem. I'll help you understand your pet's natural behaviors. If I don't know the answer, I'll consult with other professionals or refer you.

Have questions ready.

Be open to hearing the unexpected. I speak from the animal's point of view. Animals have colour preferences, crave unusual foods, and worry about things that wouldn't occur to you. They're sometimes hilariously funny, and have insights that will amuse and enlighten you.  

Participate in the discussion. Make the most of your session. Ask questions and comment.

All sessions are one on one in respect to humans. Extra people take up a significant amount of energy in a session, and I do not take on group counseling. It is a specialty. Speakerphones, extensions or any other form of "listening in" are not permitted. You may record the session if you like. Just let me know you are doing so, as I need to adjust.

Appreciate that animals are acutely aware of relationship dynamics, and can be our great teachers. Animals live in a heightened state of awareness. 

Don't play "stump the telepath." It's beneath your dignity and mine. Your pet will pick up on your skepticism and shut down. I relay what your pet tells me, not an overall psychic photo of your life.

No surprise guests. Sessions may have multiple pets, but are one-on-one in terms of human participants. If  your pet loves two people, but one is skeptical, your pet may shut down communication in an effort to not "rock the boat." A pet's love is not conditional upon a guardian's acceptance of animal telepathy. Nor are any two relationships and their purpose, identical. Your journey with your pet is not the same as your partner's journey.

Relax, focus and open yourself to what your companion wants to communicate. Sometimes it's mundane, sometimes it's profound.

Understand that it is an Animal Communicator's job to inform you of your pet's feelings and opinions. We do not "tell" animals what to do, any more than you would tell a human friend; this is dominance, not communication. We ask them the reasons for troublesome behaviour. Most of the time, it is the owner who needs to change something, not the pet! I will assist you to make those changes, whether it be in the area of training, exercise, nutrition or healing past trauma.

I look forward to meeting you and your animal companion! 

If you'd like to really amp up your sessions, download a meditation that will put you inside animal consciousness: Awaken the Gift is available here.

Warm regards,

Raisa Stone

Expert Animal Communicator