Pet Personality Analysis (PPA)

Are you curious about Animal Communication? Get a Pet Personality Analysis. 

A PPA is a brief intuitive reading, by email. Raisa will meditate on your pet's photo. You'll receive an email response regarding your pet's personality. For just $25, Raisa relays whatever information comes through spontaneously in fifteen minutes. This will give you a window into what a full length session is like.

Your pet may still be with you, or in the spirit world. Please do not submit others' pets, unless you have permission from the owner re: potential adoption. Zoo, fostered and shelter animals are fine, and they usually welcome the attention!

If you have specific questions or would like assistance with behavioral issues, please contact Raisa to arrange a full length session. Her email is: info (at)

Sorry, Raisa does not take on lost pets.

For fans of Raisa's Bestselling Ukrainian Culture book: you may request your reading in Baba's unique voice!~Baba's Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food

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 Request A Reading:

-Please fill out the form below, and

-Forward a clear pet photo to: info (at) Use the @ symbol.


At least one eye visible, no red eye, no people or gear that provides clues. Equines should be untacked. Label the photo with your full name and your pet's name, e.g. Sally Jones & Rover.jpg

You'll receive your Pet Personality Analysis reading within 5 business days.

Pet Personality Analysis is a brief, low cost sample of animal communication. If you have specific questions or wish to receive solutions for behavioral, health or performance issues, click here to book a full length session.  A full length session includes a phone call of one hour+ in which you'll experience a three-way conversation with your pet. You will be able to ask questions in the moment, and get immediate assistance for behavioral problems.

A PPA is a brief sample of Raisa's work, and not meant to provide ongoing professional services.

$25 for the PPA includes tax.

PPA Information

This animal legally belongs to me, or is a foster, shelter pet, wildlife, or zoo animal.

I accept the description of the Pet Personality Analysis. I agree that forwarding additional information to this form, means I am applying for a full length session, not a brief PPA mini-reading. I agree I will pay my invoice for the balance.

I am 19+

To ensure you receive a response, add Raisa's email to your address book:

info (at)

Please remember to forward your pet's photo, labeled as above.


Client Feedback

"Thank you Raisa for the Analysis. You pretty much got Sophia in a nutshell."

~Sally Keys & Sophia, Italian Greyhound, Washington

"Thank you so much, everything you've said is so true. I love him so much, and I know he does too. The last two years we are in a battle for his life. Thank you, thank you so so much. Bless your heart."~Barbara Mellembakken & Blaze, Quarter Horse, Wisconsin<3

"Thank you Raisa! What I know of Holly, you're right on!...She has both my husband and I wrapped around her paw! We lost her male bunny friend in May...She does grunt! If I try to hold her on my lap to comb her, she whimpers. You offer some good suggestions for her area that I will work on improving...All good things to keep in mind.~Tracy Wallace & Holly, House Bunny, California

"You are so spot on, describes her perfectly. And yes, she's always giving me her stuffies. I will try better to reassure her. I know she's very unsure, I just didn't know where it was based. The abandonment issue does make sense due to our history. I would love to have a session with you!"~Angela Bond & Athena, Lab X, BC

"Thank you so much Raisa! LOL, Mav is very high energy with a very loud voice :-D There was definitely something in his eyes when I met him, I felt like I "knew" him from somewhere else. I will certainly work on the spiritual aspect as well as finding him a job to do.
     It's interesting you mentioned his former owners. Not long after I took Mav in, his former owners tracked me down and insisted on taking him back. At that time I didn't know anything about his former owners. All I knew was that poor Mav had been bounced around from one home to another until he came to me.That only lasted one night. 
They brought him back to me and told me that Mav was aggressive towards their other dogs and to him. At that time, Mav had five other dogs he was playing with and never showed any aggression towards any person, so I knew something was up if he was acting that way when he left me for a night.

     Mav did love Faith very much, and she loved him. Poor Mav has been a mass of energy since she's been away from us."

~Holly MacEachern & Maverick, Rottweiler X, Nova Scotia

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