Pets & People Photo Contest

Make your pets famous!

Expert Animal Communicator Reisa Stone is looking for a great photo to put on the cover of her new guided journey: Awaken the Gift of Animal Communication.

Could it be you and your pets?

How to Enter

1. Enter your favorite .jpg pet photo(s). Reisa is particularly looking for a great multi-species photo, but single species photos are also welcome.

2. Photos should demonstrate the animal/human bond, and portray humane treatment. No animals in costumes. It is up to Reisa's discretion which photos are permitted in the contest.

3. Photos are to be free of markings: date stamps/logos/watermarks/captions/writing, etc.

4. First prize: Three copies of Reisa's digital recording, Awaken the Gift and a mini-reading for one pet. Value:$100 

    Second prize: Three copies of Awaken the Gift. Value: $60

    Third Prize: Two copies of Awaken the Gift. Value: $40

    There is no cash award or other product/service in lieu of the posted prizes.

5. You agree that any photo entered is your legal property, and is permanently licensed for Reisa Stone's use for personal and commercial purposes.

6. No photos of minor children. Humans in photos must be 19+, and have given permission for their likeness to be licensed out by you, without limitation. Raisa Stone/Dear Companion Animal Consultancy has no liability for your own model release.

Enter your Pets & People photo here!

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Post a link to Raisa's website whenever you post your photo entry.

Copy & Paste this link for her website:

7. Contest begins noon PST March 29th, and ends April 13th, 11:59 PST.

8. Entrants may vote for their own photo once. Entrants found voting more than once, or if they or friends are found voting from multiple Facebook profiles/email addresses, will be disqualified.

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Photos licensed with attribution: Quinn Norton (horse kiss), Snowmanradio (parrot), Dregsplod (woman reading), Lamperet (Golden). All others in the Public Domain