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Animal Communication Products

You're free to simply post these guided journeys on your site, and enjoy passive income from whoever clicks and purchases. I don't require sales minimums or further promotion. You earn 50% on each sale. 

If you'd like to encourage sales, here are some tips:

-Email your network announcing your partnership with me and my Animal Communication products

-If you're a non-profit, write a blurb beside product images telling your supporters you'll receive 50% of all sales

-Post product announcements and images on Facebook. Provide a link to your site, as images with Affiliate codes will not click through on FB

-Use other social media sites to announce your partnership. Tweet, Tumbl, Buzz, Google +, Reddit, etc. 

-Post the products on more than one page

-Post a media release to www.PRLog.org, a free service that gets products noticed online. I've gotten over 500 views per day here

-Use the products, so you can better discuss them

-Make a business partnership/product announcement to your LinkedIn connections

-Blog about the products

-If you've taken my guided journeys, write a review

-If your rescue or company holds public events, mention the Animal Communication learning tools on your website on flyers and posters. It's pretty nice to see income rolling in, long after an event closes

-Jazz up your emails with a pre-made template, such as ones on MailChimp and MadMimi. These are free services that make your emails look polished. I use them for my Animal Soul Newsletters. You can insert product images and social media Share buttons, choose background colors and fonts, etc.

-Ask to guest blog on others' social media. You can talk about your own animal training or holistic practice, and mention the products. Make sure to include a link to the web page with the products. One very large and interactive dog blogger "coalition" is www.BlogPaws.com

-As you'll earn a 50% commission for the next six months from each client who purchases products via your site: make sure you post all four products, each embedded with your Affiliate code. E-Junkie can only credit you for buyers who arrive with this code

An example of an email or blog post statement:

If you've enjoyed Reisa Stone's guided journey, Awaken the Gift of Animal Communication, click on Heart to Heart with Animals to continue learning how to speak with animals!


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-Rosie's Rescue, a middle grade children's book about animal rescue

-Baba's Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food. Includes animal lore and encourages humane farming and care.

Raisa's Four Digital Learning Tools:

-Awaken the Gift of Animal Communication
-Heart to Heart with Animals
-Sweet Kisses: Peaceful, Low Cost Dental Care for Your Pet
-3 in 1 Package