A true labour of love, Baba's Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food With Stories From the Village took Raisa 50 years to write. She collected outrageous, hilarious and heart wrenching stories from Eastern European refugees and immigrants, including her own family.

Ukrainians were the first people to tame horses, and have lived with wolves for at least 5000 years. Animal Communication is simply a fact of life. Baba's Kitchen is full of wild stories about relationships with animals, from Bingo the half Dachshund, half German Shepherd who pulls a little red wagon, to Taras, the Thoroughbred race track rescue whose best friend is Bob the Pig, and who doesn't care about competing---he only wants to love.

Narrated by feisty, malcontent Baba (grandma), a character Raisa created as the collective voice of the incredible people who raised her, fed her borshch and cabbage rolls, and fostered her passion for animals.