This is me at 16 years of age, calming and balancing a traumatized Tennessee Walker mare. Her initial reactivity made her a "dangerous" horse. At this point, I could not yet touch her sides with my legs.

How Hoofy's life used to look. Weighted shoes, ankle chains, yanked on a harsh bit. Her flattened ears and agitated state say it all.   

If you aren't squeamish, here is information on the type of trauma I rehabbed at just 15 years of age:  Tennessee Walker abuse.  

These men were convicted of animal cruelty May 22, 2012.


for Animal Communication services on my Contact page.

If  I accept you as a client, I'll give you the best of my nearly 50 years of experience in animal training, rescue rehab and communication. I'll work with you honestly and faithfully to reach your stated goals with your pet.

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"Dear Raisa, warmest thanks for your generous support...Thank you for all you do for our fellow creatures." ~Animal Defence & Anti-Vivisection Society of BC

"There's a young lady in the Vancouver limelight. I met Raisa when she contacted me about a horse and wagon trotting around downtown. She's a real animal lover and not afraid to defend them!"~Melva McLean, Founder of BC Horse Protection Society, in The Gaitpost Magazine. In reference to my leading the successful campaign to ban abused carriage horses from Vancouver's streets. After an emaciated horse bolted in front of my bus, I tracked him down to a rusty trailer in Gastown. He could not turn around or lie down, had no bedding to ease his sore feet, and no food.

This ban has held since 1989; not even the Olympic tourist trade reversed it.

I hold the Canadian record for horse anti-slaughter petitions; my MP read my petition in Parliament.

As well as direct rescue, my volunteer animal advocacy work includes continual monitoring of the status of cruelty regulations and their implementation.


Stay informed of Animal Communication events!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for rescuing. Millions of pets are discarded annually, most of whom would make excellent companions. I've rescued and rehabbed animals since childhood.

Rescuing is an immensely rewarding endeavour. It can also be difficult, frustrating and expensive.

Have you rescued an animal, but are finding your best intentions aren't producing the results you'd hoped for?

You rescued an animal in need. Things weren't supposed to turn out this way. Added to your frustration, are guilt, anxiety, and unexpected bills.

Does your rescued pet exhibit anxiety, aggression, destructiveness, inappropriate soiling, reactivity to touch, feather/fur plucking or other distressing symptoms? Do they heal very slowly from minor illnesses, or seem to be accident prone? These can be normal symptoms of trauma.

I know it's hard to think about the abuse your pet went through. Not only that, but his or her voice went unheard. A call to 911 was not possible. "Help me!" or "I'm starving!" fell on deaf ears. To make things worse, animals don't understand that most humans have let their telepathy skills go dormant. They not only suffered the abuse, but believe their cries were deliberately ignored.

That they trust us at all, is a testimony to the angelic nature of animals. They are our Master Teachers.

Your pet may be suffering from post-traumatic stress, and will not improve their problem behaviors until their story is compassionately heard. Just as with people, pets show accelerated healing once they can tell their story. Along with specific training techniques, this results in improved behavior.

Training on its own will not necessarily heal traumatized animals. Neither will pure affection. They need to be heard and offered clear explanations of what's expected of them. Like neglected children, some traumatized animals feel "useless." They need to find a role in your family.

But aren't I just a "woo woo" Animal Communicator? No. It's my destiny to help traumatized animals. I rescued my first at just four years of age and have never stopped. A rodeo horse had been badly injured, then hidden from public view. I heard him calling for help and abandoned my cotton candy and ride to find him (my Mom had to run after me through the Midway). I demanded a vet and comforted the horse until he received proper care. I've never stopped direct rescue and rehab efforts.

I'm experienced with specialized rescue issues, such as detoxing and socializing the off-track Thoroughbred.

My guidance for you is far from airy-fairy. At the same time, I can provide you with a spiritual perspective on your pet's journey, in their own words.

When an animal is exhibiting his or her "worst" behavior, I feel only love.

Allow me to help you and your rescue animal find peace and balance. Contact me to book your session.

Kind regards to you and your pet,

Raisa Stone

Professional Animal Communicator