Animal Communication

Is your companion's behavior driving you crazy?

Have you spent countless hours and dollars on solutions that work only temporarily? Are you worn out from replacing destroyed property or going through elaborate "systems" to keep pets from being in conflict? Losing sleep or time from work?

The solution is in finding out what is causing your pet's behavior, then applying solutions that address the root.

Stop applying Bandaids, when your companion needs their point of view heard.

Raisa Stone speaks with your pet telepathically, and only requires a photo. She'll find out what is causing their challenging behavior, "straight from the horse's mouth." All species.

Most consultations are by telephone.

Animal Communication

For pets in the physical world

Reisa relays your pet's point of view.

A few possible topics:

-Behavioral issues
-Life changes
-Rescue trauma and 
-Pet conflicts
-Chronic illness and

  euthanasia support. Your
  pet's thoughts on "letting 

-Your pet's purpose
-Which toys, activities,
  caregivers they prefer

See below for information on Urgent sessions.

Spirit world/
Rainbow Bridge contact

Ease the devastating grief of pet loss.

Hearing from your pet at the Rainbow Bridge is a life changing experience.

Reisa is a gifted Spirit Medium. She
will contact your companion and relay their message to you.

Animal Communication is not a substitute for veterinary care, training, good nutrition, exercise or humane treatment.

Please note: Animal Communication is not a substitute for veterinary care, training, good nutrition, exercise or humane treatment.


Sorry, Raisa doesn't take on lost pets.

Urgent session

No appointment needed
; less than 24 hours notice...$400 CDN.

Any request for a session between 5 pm PST Saturday and noon PST Monday is considered Urgent, as is a session after 9 pm PST weekdays, and holidays.

As you wait for your vet, you need to hear the thoughts of your injured pet and receive energetic calming and healing
-You've worked your heart out preparing for an important show, and your animal is underperforming. The vet can't find any cause for concern.
-Your pet is in surgery, and you'd like to stay in contact during the procedure.
-Euthanasia has been recommended, and you need immediate support.

Animal Communication is in no way a substitute for veterinary care and treatment. If your animal is injured or very ill, you must seek vet care.
Gift certificates
Gift Certificates

Workshops and speaking engagements can take place in your home, community group or place of business. Fee depends on type of event, venue and number of participants. Workshops range from three hours to entire weekends.

"Come into animal presence. What is this joy?That no animal falters, but knows what it must do?...Those who were sacred have remained so, holiness does not dissolve, it is a presence of bronze, only the sight that saw it faltered and turned from it. An old joy returns in holy presence." ~Denise Levertov