The content of sessions is confidential. Occasionally, a client generously offers to share their session in order to benefit others. Below are excerpts, posted with permission.

 Bundi (at the Rainbow Bridge)

Excerpt from Stacey McFarlane and Bundi's session notes:

"It's difficult talking about Bundi in past tense, as he is very much alive in spirit. So full of energy, and still around you. He's concerned about you, as you have found yourself grieving as hard recently, as you did when he first passed. The memories are vivid. You blame yourself, and are hard on yourself. You were forced to make difficult decisions for Bundi, and can't seem to let that go. There are deep karmic ties here that make it so. The harder we love and the older the relationship in the spiritual realm, the more we seem to hang on in the physical world.

Bundi was not "just a pet" to you. He is your heart dog. He's full of humour and laughter, and could make the hardest day lighter. Even his naughty moments could make you laugh. He made little growlie noises that were super cute, and pretended to be ferocious with a squeaky toy. Then he'd look up at you, to see if you noticed his fierceness. He'd seem like he was laughing with you, and at himself. He loved to have his chest and belly scratched.

He had a bit of a peculiar ambling or rolling gait, that would go sideways at times. He was quite aware that he was not a fashion model, but found that amusing, as well. He had a surprising amount of tenacity and focus for such a "soft looking" fellow. He could hold his own bravely with larger dogs, and was always up for a romp. He did not see himself as small or fragile, and had the confident demeanour of a much larger animal. He was, "hale fellow well met." You could imagine him having a beer with the boys, or a glass of wine at a dinner party.

His death was a real shock to you. Please believe me that positive lessons will come from this, and that angels surround you.

You took painstaking care of Bundi. He was a favourite of your vet's, and mostly behaved himself there, too. You feel as if you could never replace him, and that you may never feel this way again. Bundi had a way of always knowing how you felt, and responding in kind. His cheerful playfulness could turn to empathetic cuddles. He would then have "enough," and go back to being his sassy, cheerful self.

Despite his fondness for walking on the beach, as in your photo, Bundi had a fastidiousness to him. He wasn't crazy about too much wet sand or mud. He was a bit of a dandy. He wasn't terribly fond of having his nails trimmed, despite this. You bought him cute dishes and collars. It's important you create a memorial for him. You will never forget this dog, and he will return to you.

A grooming would leave him with a spring in his step. There was at least one occasion in his life that he protested a procedure vocally. I can hear him vocalizing beyond his usual cute bark, quite unhappily. There also seems to be a breathing issue.

...He said, "I am always here, Mommy, I am always here."

...Death is most difficult when it's someone we love this much. What makes it harder is the knowledge they can't be replaced. A person who loves animals as much as you do, knows there is no replacement. Bundi's compassion for you is boundless. I'm in tears as I feel this profound connection..."

Stacey's response: "Incredible! I am so grateful to you. It has had a huge impact on me, and I'm sure once my emotions settle down, that a feeling of calm will lay where my guilt and sadness usually is.

I've felt Bundi's presence since he passed, but receiving his message and have you confirm that, was extremely important to me and very special.
You answered some questions that have been nagging at me for nearly 14 months. I am so grateful to you.

Thank you so much, Raisa."~S
tacey McFarlane & Bundi, Terrier X, Australia


Excerpt from Kristy Haines and Abby's notes:

"Abby is a wise mare who knows a lot about life. She is meditative and likes to ponder. There is tremendous sweetness in her personality.

She has experienced abdominal pain.

She is a nurturing, maternal mare who is also quite tough. Things that would bother other horses have not impacted her as greatly. An interesting combo of sensitivity in emotion, and a thick skin. Almost like two personalities.
Abby has been your leaning post and rock through some hard times, and she is proud of this. You can be demanding of yourself in almost self-defeating ways, and Abby has a way of soothing you and reminding you of what's important.
She will comply with demands on her to perform and obey, but lets you know when her limit is reached. Sometimes she feels a little afraid she will not get to stay with you if she disobeys, but this passes. The fear exhibits as anxious behaviour. She needs explicit reassurance that you are her forever home.
She is mistress of the look. She turns and gazes at you with pure love and knowingness. She watches you when you leave, and you are aware of this, as you personally have intuitive powers. Abby inspires you. The "thick skin" doesn't stop her from thoroughly enjoying being groomed. She gives you her special look when you're brushing her. She enjoys or would enjoy careful attention to her face with a very soft cloth. She is aware of her beauty, but not always sure of it. She loves being told she is beautiful.

You dream about her. You feel connected to her when she's not present, and she returns this feeling of connection.

Abby also loves someone younger than you. She really enjoys young people, children. She can go from performing to ultra gentleness with a child, in an instant. You also love children, and have the same quality. Two distinct and equally valid sides.

There was a time in Abby's life she was treated unfairly. She was "just livestock" to them. I see roughness and neglect. Fortunately, this mare lets things roll off her back. She is occasionally doubting and standoffish, but it doesn't last long. You need to know how much gratitude this mare feels for your love. I started crying when I felt how big her heart is. Huge. The two of you spend time hugging and cuddling, and even more of that is in order. Staying with her overnight would be a revelation for you. Her love for you is warm, affectionate and constant. She makes a little nicker sound in her throat, as if for a foal.
She's been a bit lonely lately.

Abby is a lovely girl with a good life, and you're fortunate to have each other."

Kristy's response:

"I cried when reading this! I couldn't have explained my girl any better myself... even the
little things she does that I love, and her past. Thank you very much for this, it reassures me that she feels the same about me as I do for her. She is my very special girl and I will most definitely continue to reassure her of how beautiful she is and that she most definitely will always have a forever home with me ♥ You truly have a special gift!"
~Kristy Haines,
veterinary candidate, and Abby, Quarter Horse, New Brunswick


Excerpt from Linda Bird's and Max's notes:

"Max has a level head. I would compare him to what Quarter Horses were originally meant to be, athletically, disposition wise and in temperament. Like Mr. San Peppy. He is an all around horse. You can run patterns with him, then turn around and ride at a leisurely pace. There's something about Max that keeps you grounded and sensible. You actually get more worked up than he does!

He's fast, but in control. He is a patriarch kind of horse, who would have made a good herd stallion. He "watches out" for you and others. He is concerned about youngsters, both equine and human. He's very gentle with other horses, but doesn't allow himself to be bullied... He has a crush on a certain palomino mare :-D

If Max were human, he'd wear sheeps' wool slippers and smoke a classy pipe. He'd have a den with oak paneling and leather chairs. He'd quietly rule his home and corporation with acute attention and grace, and belong to the country club. He'd golf and distance run.

I know this may sound odd, but Max is almost like a father to you!

...Max would enjoy distance work. He likes feeling his body work, and is sensual, a trait you share with him. You enjoy the physical and sensual. Max makes faces and leans into your brush when you groom. He's the kind of horse who could lope half the day, very comfortably. Max likes pointing things out to you in Nature, if you will pay attention. You get the feeling he's watching out for your wellbeing. He knows you sometimes get wound up or scattered, and he's more than willing to help you centre yourself.

He has a high tolerance for frustration. When other horses are doing their runs, he is happy to watch and feel slightly superior in his calmness and self control. He often seems slightly amused. He gets along great with other horses, as they recognize his kindly nature. People are very attracted to Max, as well. He brings you friends.

He has some back soreness. It seems to be from the middle spine to his loins. He'd love a gel pad and even some massage or chiropractic. Max is stoic. He doesn't demonstrate soreness. You'd have to give his back a good press and compare his reactions in various areas, to see what I mean. The soreness in his back travels down to his ribs. He's not getting the rib expansion he could, for maximum wind and bend. There's a stiffness you've probably noticed. He's fast and agile, but not quite as "bendy" as he could be. This also sometimes affects the choices he makes with hoof placement, and issues with leads.

Max shows his love to you in a quiet way. He's a gentleman with excellent manners. He looks at other horses with benevolent amusement when they're rude, pushy or resistant. He's easy to handle on the ground, doesn't give you a hard time when you go to catch him.

This is the horse of a lifetime, Linda. The QH character shines through in Max. He's what the King Ranch intended...

Thanks again for entrusting me with Max. He is precious."

Linda's response:

"Wow! You hit everything right on the nail. But I want to thank you extra. I was always wondering where he was bred. Thank you. I have had another girl who does this work as well tell me his back was sore last year. I thought it was my saddle and bought a new one. Now I believe it was not my saddle, and I'll be calling a chiropractor in. You're amazing. Thanks so much."
~Linda Bird and Max, Quarter Horse barrel racer, Nova Scotia

Note: Further research revealed that Max is indeed, a great grandson of the immortal Mr. San Peppy! Reisa's lifelong animal experience and "eye" sometimes provides clients with unexpected bonuses


(She is drooling due to dental surgery)

Holly is a fastidious and feminine little girl. She likes things "just so" in her environment. You are not her first owner, and she is very grateful to be with you. Although she thinks you're equally fortunate ;-D

She delicately moves things around. If she were a human, she'd be a woman who has regular manicures and pedicures, and would never go out without wearing lipstick. She would lay out in the yard in a teeny bikini for her suntan. She is a sun worshipper by nature, despite her vulnerable colour...

She knows how to get her own way, and sometimes emits a soft grunt. You rarely miss knowing what Holly wants, and are charmed by her. She knows this. Routine is important to her, especially with food. She has a softening effect on the man in your life, and she considers him her "boyfriend." He never thought he'd be so taken with a rabbit. She would like a male friend of her own...

She enjoys softness, and would like a more feminine blankie that has some fuzz. She likes her litter to be private; she is a lady at her toilette. She may benefit from another type of litter, as soft as possible. She likes to observe and appraise what is going on in your household, sometimes to the point you just know she has her own opinions. But she is too much of lady to say what she really thinks What a sweet bunny!

Tracy's response:

"Thank you Raisa! What I know of Holly, you're right on!...She has both my husband and I wrapped around her paw! We lost her male bunny friend in May...She does grunt! If I try to hold her on my lap to comb her, she whimpers. You offer some good suggestions for her area that I will work on improving...All good things to keep in mind.

~Tracy Wallace & Holly, House Bunny, California

 Vegas and Max

Excerpt from Lisa Everett's, Max's and Vegas' notes. As Lisa has asked for help with behavioral issues as well as wanting to learn the spiritual perspective of their relationship, we've had several sessions: 

Max is mischievous. He uses his nose to get into things. You need to make sure things get put away, as he will grab objects with his lips. Max is incredibly curious. I see Max playing with water in a funny way. He is a loud slurper. I think he dunks his hay, if he can get away with it. He mooches for treats, and needs to have firm boundaries around that, e.g. treats go in a bowl, and he has to be polite in order to touch the bowl. He can be pushy. You do push back, but aren't necessarily consistent.

Max can go from being very calm to worked up in a short period of time. He has a tendency to over do, over reach, and then hurt himself. He stores energy in his body like a battery, then discharges too quickly. It would really help him to have longer, slower works, such as building up to miles of trail riding. He reflects this tendency in yourself: bursts of spontaneity and energy. I can actually see energy crackling around him.

Max would like an enriched environment, such as Horse Agility, Hoofball or Extreme Trail. He is competitive, and would enjoy something that involves other horses. Try putting a horse-safe ball into his paddock, and see what he does. He'd benefit from more pasture time, on green grass. This would ground him.

Max has a mind like a lawyer and needs constant puzzles to solve, and to have ways to push himself without this energy storage/bursts. He can then compete without self-harm. This also expresses itself as battling with you, at times. He can't help it; his incredible athleticism needs a steady outlet. I see some inconsistency here. Remember: low and slow.

Max was a dream come true for you. He stood out to you immediately. Just no question he was your horse. He feels the same about you. Totally loyal. He can be funny and affectionate to others, but really he's mostly hoping for treats and admiration. You're his girl, and he changes in demeanour when you approach

If Max were human, he'd hit the squash court at 5 am, spend the day in court, and play with executive puzzles on his desk. He'd run and party after work, and handle a bunch of cases at once. He'd also be a ladies' man. He'd help friends move furniture on weekends.

Max has retained extra testosterone. His behavior and demeanour are at times, stallion like. He wants to be appreciated for his masculinity: protectiveness, pride, dignity. He snorts and blows like a stud, and gets indignant in that "guy" way. He is aware of how much you love him, but frustrated that he isn't more challenged in regular work. Variety, challenge, changing scenery, puzzle solving, and longer sessions. Also why firm, consistent boundaries are important.

...Max says he is so much like you. Max says, "My own anxiety would calm, if Lisa learned to calm herself. Vegas bugs me because she has a peacefulness I cannot seem to attain. I am afraid that if I don't try hard enough, Lisa will get rid of me. I feel I am only wanted when I am useful. That's what 'they' told me. A big man rode on me, and he hurt me. I want Lisa to love me even when I am not able to race. I want Lisa to love herself even when she is not fulfilling all her dreams. I want to teach Lisa to develop a solid core of calm and groundedness that does not waver.Max showed me pictures of how he gives you trouble with trailering, gate entrance, dancing, swerving. These are physical symptoms of your own anxiety. He runs backwards out of the gate, turns around, jumps around in the trailer. He hurt himself. It was a series of short "movie" clips of all the ways he jumps around.

When I say that they are symptoms of "your own anxiety," I mean two things. You mutually chose each other. You chose a horse who requires you to deal with this issue. Max also carries his own baggage, in order to teach you to do this. It's circular. He
chose to be anxious and have his baggage, in order to finally teach you in this lifetime. It's the soul agreement you made. This incredibly generous horse is willing to be misunderstood, until you learn what he has to teach. This is true love.

Lisa, the key to easing Max's anxiety is becoming very, very calm and grounded yourself. Take deep breaths and ground yourself before leaving the house. You are currently in "school" to learn to do this, and you can. Your discipline is to do it every single time...

Vegas is like running water, a river. I feel like writing a poem about her. She's the kind of soul who quietly stands in the background, then one day you realize you can't live without her.

She has a submissive personality, especially in comparison to Max. They're something like Archie and Edith Bunker! She has a love thang going on with Linda's Max.

Vegas is sweet and gentle. She likes a quiet atmosphere, to think and dream. She feels about Max like a bratty brother. His high energy and curiosity overwhelm her. He is New York, she is a small town girl who just wants a nice house and a little family to look after. She loves you so much, and wishes to be a grounding force for you.

Vegas doesn't make a fuss about anything. Easy to handle, easy to ride. She's such a good girl, it's almost as if she can be overlooked. Like the studious child or the one in the family who doesn't cause any trouble. Sometimes she wonders if she should cause trouble or get injured, just to get some of the attention Max holds.

Vegas has a quiet way of doing everything. She's steady around the barrels, knows what she's supposed to do, and "just does it." She knows she's not as fast as you'd like, and she's sorry.

She would make a great child's horse, and she'd enjoy children's attention. If you gave "pony rides" or even therapy sessions on Vegas, she'd love it. She'd stand like a rock while they groomed and petted her, too, and this would be good for her. She is a natural teacher and role model. Other people comment on what a good horse she is. She responds favorably to the smallest bit of attention from you. A word, a touch.

She's gentle and polite, so you probably have to give her treats separately from Max. She even chews like a lady! [Lisa later told me the horses actually fight over food!]

Vegas is a horse deeply in touch with her own spirituality, and the spirit world. Sometimes she seems dreamy or even asleep when you'd think she'd be attentive. She's communing in the spirit world. This mare could tell you some things about animals from your past, and teach you amazing lessons about your own spiritual connections. I recommend spending quiet time with her alone. Just take her out for a walk. Lean against her and meditate. Vegas has the power to cause you to have enlightening insights and visualizations. Align your breathing with hers, and meditate.

She also has the power to help Max with his own healing, if she is asked. You'd have to create the energetic bridge, though, as Vegas has a hard time getting him to settle sufficiently...Once her internal power is appreciated and tapped into directly, she'll blow your mind. She will never be quite the athlete you'd hoped, as she doesn't see much value in being competitive. She simply doesn't feel that. "faster, smarter, first, best," are concepts worth bothering with. If she were human and unable to be a mother, she'd likely become a Buddhist nun... [Lisa then told me Vegas has actually laid down during a competition, and refused to move!]

Vegas wasn't easy to get to know, as she has an elusive quality. I had to "reach around" her energy to get information. She's a classic lady, through and through. She's even modest in heat. No big mood swings.

She's a lovely, lovely mare, Lisa...

The day Max and Vegas stay lying down when you enter the barn, will fill your heart. You'll be blown away. Always remember these are wild creatures we've taken in. They're vulnerable, ultra sensitive prey animals, really no tamer than deer. Use only a flashlight to enter the barn. Before you do, ground yourself in the house. Visualize yourself going into the barn, and speak silently to Max and Vegas to tell them you're coming. Tell them you're only checking on them to make sure they're okay. You love them so much, you need to see them before you can sleep. Instead of expressing it as worry and your own anxiety, speak to them from your heart. This is the true root of WHY you're doing this. You love them so much. Tell them you'd like them to get their rest. When you come in the barn at night, you don't expect them to do any work. They don't have to respond. They can stay lying down. Max and Vegas aren't getting up solely due to not being relaxed. They're also getting up because they think you want something from them in terms of work.

From Lisa's second session:

You asked how the horses like your parents. Max even considers your Dad a rival! He is a one woman, loyal and jealous horse. Vegas thinks your Dad is okay, but they don't really have a bond. Both horses respect your parents.

This gave me a bit of giggle: the horses see your Mom as a walking carrot/apple. Literally. They showed me a movie of a huge morphing carrot/apple walking toward them. She is The Treat Lady. Your Mom is sweet, gentle and giving, and expresses love through treats. Unfortunately, this encourages Max's "mugging." It's up to you how you want to mitigate that. Giving treats from a bowl instead of by hand can sometimes lessen the intensity. But with Max, I'm not sure. He is so very treat motivated and loves using his lips.[Lisa confirmed that her Mom's basic relationship with the horses is giving treats].

Your taking a moment to be more mindful and calm before entering the barn is working. [In Lisa's first session, I suggested that if she did so, the horses would soon allow her to be near them when they were lying down. This can be a difficult point of trust to reach with prey animals. Lisa confirmed that Vegas is now lying down in front of her!]

"Raisa did a fantastic job reading both my ponies, Max and Vegas!! I was able to have an extremely in depth conversation with them !!

It blew me away how accurate she was with the information and how her advice has helped my relationship with both Max and Vegas.

t went WAAAY beyond the day to day, and gave me a much better understanding as to why these two loving animals are in my life. She told me how my horses and I were connected on a much higher, more soulful level.

I still cry when I read back through the information but I am so happy to have this knowledge. Thanks sooo much Raisa. You are simply amazing with the gift you have. Love my ponies!!!~Lisa Everett, Max & Vegas, New Brunswick
Excerpt from Magdalene Hoffmann's and Paul's notes:

...For your dog, this reading has turned out to be weighted towards the emotional and spiritual.

...You had a sen
se from first meeting that Paul had something of the special and extraordinary about him. He stood apart from the others with the way he looked at you. It was not a case of, "Look at all these cute puppies, which one shall I choose?" The choice was clear and very mutual.

Though I hesitate to stereotype breeds, this little man is more of a worrier than the average Pug. He experiences separation anxiety which even leaves him hyperventilating. Paul would benefit from your doing calming meditations with him, that include you outlining briefly but clearly when and where you are going out, and when you are returning. I see him putting a great deal of wear on your floors and belongings due to his anxiety. His tummy can be sensitive.

Paul also has very sensitive feelings. Scolding him is never a good idea, as it makes him fret. Again, going to stereotypes, Pugs tend to be thick skinned, preferring to demonstrate their own will before bowing to yours.

Paul hears you the first time, and tries so very hard to be a good boy! It's clear he feels ashamed when he over steps. He's not the kind of thick skinned dog you have to repeatedly educate. You're a sensitive person yourself, and Paul is a wonderful teacher of how very subtle effective training can be.

Paul is a polite boy, who doesn't need much reminder to take treats gently. A real gentleman. He picks up your visuals of desired behavior, very easily.

Our pets are our teachers. You are also someone who does not have to be told twice. You are exceptionally clued in to your environment, to other people and to animals and Nature. The two of you share this marvelous sensitivity, and both of you need extra calming and relaxation time to balance your nervous systems.

As you do, Paul sees angels...

Paul is able to easily sense/see souls in the spirit world. Since adopting him, you have found your own intuitive and spiritual side has grown.

You may not be aware of his influence in this area, but Paul is a powerful spirit medium! When you are with him, he tends to look at things that "aren't there," sometimes with his entire body, sometimes with a twitch of his ears...

At times, you wonder if you have known this soul before. This is not his first time around.

In ancient China, where this breed originated, Paul would have likely been the favorite of a scholar, a priest or a spiritual healer. He would have been a bit of an "outcast" from the other Pugs, as he allots so much of his psyche to hearing the subtle. Though of course he loves to play like any dog, there is the sense that he would sometimes prefer to quietly read a book!

If Paul feels under the weather, he is more likely to respond to energetic and homeopathic medicines than more aggressive treatments. He is also fond of light touch rather than firm. He would love to be stroked with a soft flannel cloth, for example
Magdalene Hoffmann's response:

"OMG.....I am sitting here and I am crying! The Spirits told me about this Pug and had show me where I could found him....and yes, it was with the first look clear that this was my dog. THANK YOU SO MUCH Raisa!!!! I thought that Paul would be a "spirituall" dog...but I didn`t know "how much"! Thank you Raisa, you can`t believe how much that will be for me....and yes, since I have Paul...I am on my shamanic way.

Love, Light, Blessings and a big, big HUG to you (and a wet kiss from Paul.

Much love."

~Magdalene Hoffmann & Paul Pug, Germany

Excerpt from Molly Lyn Parkes' and Lou's Notes:

"Molly, he prefers being called "Lou" to "Lucky." Although he finds the combo of the two names together amusing, i.e. Lucky Lou. My overwhelming impression of Lou is that he is a Buddha Bull. I found myself being drawn to more of a spiritual reading...

Lou won't need a (nose) ring. Lou is gentle and easy to manage. He's going to make an excellent herd bull. He's gentle with other animals, of all types. He's evolved beyond aggression. Lou came into your life at a time you were weighing options. He's here to teach you about balancing strength with gentleness, anger with forgiveness...

Lou is your teacher. He's a shining example of how to radiate love, backed up by firm muscle and resolve. He can teach you how to see the world in a simple and clear way. You tend to get "complicated," with over thinking. Lou brings you back to centre.

I recommend meditating with him, matching your breathing to his. He enjoys being scratched firmly and stroked, especially on his neck and withers. You have a special routine with him that way. He would love being brushed with a soft brush. His skin is quite sensitive. You probably find he needs extra fly control.

Lou has a favorite cow he's in love with, and hopes they'll be mated. He actually, ah HEM, wishes it were you. He considers you his wife.

If you spend enough time meditating with this bull, you'll find your intuitive and healing powers increase. Lou also has the power to help heal residual father issues for you, as he has perfectly balanced male energy. You two are a great match. Lou is a soul mate for you..."

Molly's response:

"Thank you for doing this, and is all spot on with him and me!!

He IS like a Buddha Bull is he not, and so special. Others don't understand my connection with him, and he does bring every bit of what you have said here to my life in more ways than one. He does not like anyone around me , especially males and quite funny at times to watch this.

I also have Lucky's little sister now Lucy... I am thinking this is one he is in love with...

I can stay in my head a lot and over think things, too funny on that... So you are so right in all aspects with how they help me and especially Lou. No one understands this about me but sure you do

He does love being scratched and we do have a routine as well every day... I have a brush that I did use down in barn when he was younger and smaller. I will get it back out and use it on him more so than just my hands now. He is sensitive...

I do have to use extra fly stuff on him as well in summer. Funny you got all this about him, but love it too!!

Awesome on him helping me to heal father issues as well will start working more with him on this and also doing as you suggested as well while meditating. I have to laugh on him thinking I am his wife, I could see this as I do spend a lot of time with them and always have. I am told by others too much but no ones understand how peaceful they are...

I do believe he is a soul mate, yes definitely he is.There is a deep connection and special bond here for sure. Once again, thank you so much for doing this for me and Lucky Lou. This has been so wonderful to read and so appreciated...wanted you to see you got everything you wrote here spot on with us both is wonderful!!"~Molly Lyn Parkes and Lou, Simmental/Charolais bull
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