My Pet Loss Story

I understand from losing my own pets, that pet loss can be as or more painful than that of a human's. With their unwavering devotion, companion animals reach us in places humans may not be able. To add to the agony of your loss, you'll not receive the same consistent expressions of sympathy as when we lose a human companion. You may be told, "It's 'just' a dog, 'just' a horse, 'just' a guinea pig..." 

This lack of empathy may lead to you even feeling shame for grieving your terrible loss.

In the months following my heart dog's death, Chant---the red Doberman on my Home page---I was a hot mess. I don't know how I got through. Some days it felt as though every breath took effort. Some days, I didn't want the next breath to arrive. I'd been taught since toddlerhood to communicate with animals in spirit. But in this case, all I could focus on was he incredible pain and loss. The loss of Chant was compounded by having also fairly recently, losing a long term human relationship. The person I should have been able to turn to, was gone as well.

I kept Chant's body in a snow bank by my back door for three months, telling concerned friends brusquely, "She's fine." It took not one, but two interventions by friends and family to get me to surrender her body to a pet burial service. 

I didn't function in basic ways, from work to sleep to eating to relationships. I went from being a dedicated athlete to three months mostly watching TV, drinking and chain smoking. I gained a LOT of weight. 

I adopted a new dog out of loneliness, without evaluating whether I was ready or if she was a good match.

Then, I received a message from my dear companion at the Rainbow Bridge. Her profound communication started me on the road to not only recovery, but to specialized spiritual knowledge in the meaning of death, and how to cope with its devastating aftermath.

I've spoken with hundreds of beings in the spirit world, including human friends and family.

My most faithful spirit guide, is constantly in touch with me. Chant at Sundown is my heart dog, and will always be in my life.

Your pet loves you more than you can imagine. In the same way they provided affection in the physical world, they long to comfort your grief from the spirit world. No matter the circumstances of their passing, they no longer feel any pain. They hold no judgements about you, nor any choices you made.

A Rainbow Bridge contact session will help you remember your pet with joy and happiness, and teach you to release grief, guilt and shame.

Every person who has loved and lost a pet, has self doubt and self blame. The harder we love, the more it hurts. Did I euthanize too soon? Did I let her suffer too long? If only I had/hadn't...

Again, your pet at the Rainbow Bridge holds no judgements about what you feel was a mistake. None. I'd like to help you receive this message from them directly.  

I've yet to encounter a pet at the Rainbow Bridge who does not want to speak about their experience on earth, and extend perfect love to their family.

To sit in guilt and self blame is to dishonour our pets' generous hearts. Total forgiveness is an extension of the unconditional love they have for us.

Spirit world contact can ease your grief to a considerable degree, and give you hope for the future. How will you know I'm actually speaking with your pet? I'll relate details about your pet's life on earth I couldn't possibly know otherwise. I work over the phone, from a plain photo.


When Doreen Virtue practiced traditional psychotherapy, she did a lot of grief counseling. "It would take months for people to overcome their grief this way," she recalls. "But through the process of talking with their deceased loved one, people heal very rapidly. They’re able to express their feelings of hurt, anger, guilt, abandonment, loneliness, betrayal and other pent-up emotions directly to their deceased loved one, through the process of mediumship...To me, it’s a process of love and forgiveness..."~Doreen Virtue, PhD, Hay House's foremost angel therapist


Your loss doesn't have to be recent to benefit. In the realm of Spirit, time does not exist. You can speak with pets that passed away recently, or many years ago. Being in the company of your childhood companion again may be one of the most profound experiences of your life. I'll facilitate a conversation between you.

The good news is, the depth of your grief speaks to the depth of your love. The deeper your bond, the more readily your pet will come forward, and the more profound their message. This may be hard to swallow in the throes of grief, but I'd like to help you appreciate what an amazingly loving person you are. My experience is that those who love deepest, grieve hardest.

I work from the standpoint of a lifelong animal lover who has lost dozens of animals, and has helped many people through the loss of of their own companion animal. I am a gifted Spirit Medium who can relay your pet's message to you directly.

Yours sincerely,
Raisa Stone