Reviews of Raisa's work


"I was fortunate to have attended Raisa Stone's seminar on animal communication at the Vancouver Pet Expo. I was excited to see if communication could be possible with my dearly departed rescued cat Kenny. Without giving Raisa any information about him, I showed her a photo.

She was able to tell me he is happy and loves music. Funny enough, Kenny did love music. She also told me I used to call him Pawg. Which is so true. That is what I secretly called him.

Kenny was a very old cat when Vokra rescued him. He was suffering lymphoma and lived another 18 months with us. He was very wise and healed many people and other cats .He was very special to the hundreds of people who met him..."

~Maria Soroski, co-founder of Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue: VOKRA 


Ryson's Mom made the above tribute to Raisa Stone's session with Gangster. She placed some of Raisa's words on their gorgeous photo.

Raisa had never seen Ryson and Gangster together before this. She worked from a plain photo of the horse standing in the pasture.

"I thought you may enjoy this video. It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that your reading of Gangster was 100 % accurate. He and Ryson have a special bond. It brings tears to my eyes to watch them together."
~Rayna Doucette, horse trainer at R&R Ranch, Atlantic Coast

Watch Ryson and Gangster work and relax together as soulmates:

Slurpee (in spirit)

"I take everything with a grain of salt and I think Raisa has amazing talent. It gave me closure and helped me explore other possibilities to the loss of my pet. Worth every penny."~Shari Jeffrey
"I love Raisa so much and trust her 100%...and that includes with my personal belongings, all of my sweet loved ones' furry babies. She has a very genuine, 100% compassionate approach that seeks to affirm a whole 100% holistic approach to all that she does.
~Donny Harrison, Little Buddies Pet Care, Vancouver BC
        Danny before
       Danny now

"Raisa Stone's personal dedication to clear communication, fueled by a wonderful heart, is a boon to anyone wishing to resolve issues or simply understand and deepen their relationship with a companion animal.

My cat Danny was suffering terribly with several issues, including food allergies resulting in his being bound up in cloth bandages and a cone for months on end. With both of us depressed and frustrated, I asked for help from Reisa, wishing to find out from Danny himself what he was experiencing, and what factors outside the veterinary perspective might be contributing to the difficulties. 

I was profoundly impressed and relieved by the many layers of information Raisa was able to translate for me. Everything from a better understanding of issues common to rescue cats to bold statements from Danny himself, who turns out to be a genuine tough guy with plenty of gumption.

I was thrilled at the depth of communication Raisa and Danny could engage in. I have gained enormous understanding about his world and desires, how I may best participate with him, and an increased respect for his ability to understand and read me."~Roberta Skye & Danny, domestic short haired cat, Vancouver BC

"I cried when reading this! I couldn't have explained my girl any better myself...even the
little things she does that I love, and her past. Thank you very much for this, it reassures me that she feels the same about me as I do for her. She is my very special girl and I will most definitely continue to reassure her of how beautiful she is and that she most definitely will always have a forever home with me ♥ You truly have a special gift!"
~Kristy Haines,
veterinary candidate, and Abby, barrel racing Quarter Horse, New Brunswick

Vegas and Max
(Vegas is Secretariat's granddaughter)

"Raisa Stone did a fantastic job reading my ponies, Max and Vegas. I was able to have an extremely in depth conversation with them!

It blew me away how accurate she was, and how her advice has helped me my relationship with both Max and Vegas.

It went waaaay beyond the day to day, and gave me a much better understanding as to why these two loving animals are in my life. She told me how my horses and I are connected on a much higher, more soulful level.

Thanks so much, Raisa. You are simply amazing with the gift you have. I still cry when I read back through the information, but I am so happy to have this knowledge. Love my ponies!"

~Lisa Everett, Barrel Racer, Max & Vegas, Quarter Horses, New Brunswick

 Bundi (In spirit)

"Incredible! I am so grateful to you. It has had a huge impact on me, and I'm sure once my emotions settle down, that a feeling of calm will lay where my guilt and sadness usually is.

I've felt Bundi's presence since he passed, but receiving his message and have you confirm that, was extremely important to me and very special.
You answered some questions that have been nagging at me for nearly 14 months. I am so grateful to you. Thank you so much, Raisa."
tacey McFarlane & Bundi, Terrier X (at the Rainbow Bridge), New South Wales, Australia


"I was fortunate to have Raisa Stone do a session with my dog, Saint. I found her delightful and sympathetic to converse with, but more importantly, amazingly perceptive and tuned in to my dog.

Much of what Reisa picked up on, clarified questions I had about Saint. She put me onto a clearer path. I was able to resolve some of his daily frustrations with my other dog, and being excluded from training due to his 'retirement.'

She picked up on little gems of his daily life and behaviour that I will carry with me always, my special boy. Thank you Reisa for your gifts and your insight!"

~Shannon Malmberg & German Shepherd Dog Saint: Zen Dog Training, owner/trainer of the #1 Ranked Obedience German Shepherd in Canada, OTCh Mila Von Grunheide

Bacchaus, unwell and at odds
with his family

Bacchaus and Turtle after Animal Communication and energy healing

"We originally contacted Raisa Stone regarding our new addition, a 6 month old deaf Turkish Angora. He came into a home where a 7 year old Russian Blue mix was, for a short time, the only cat.

To make a long story short, they weren’t acting like the best of friends and I wanted to see if there was anything we could do to make the transition smoother.

Shortly after submitting my questions to Raisa the answers came back, so we made the necessary changes. Within Raisa’s communication report it became very clear to me that our 6 month old kitten could use her Energy Healing. 

I knew early on that prior to his adoption our little guy had been transferred back and forth between the Animal Society and the pet store and during his residency he may have picked up a few illnesses. Two days after his adoption I had to rush him to the vet as he was so congested he couldn’t breathe from his nose, green mucus had encrusted around his muzzle and he was extremely lethargic. After numerous tests it turned out he had actually picked up 2 viruses, 1 bacterial infection and 1 fungal infection from his previous residency, and he had a long road ahead of him. For the next 3 months we were in and out of the vet, given 4 types of antibiotics, ointments and drops and by Christmas he was showing some promise of recovery but he still wasn’t there, he still seemed depressed and sad.

In January I contacted Raisa again and signed him up for a few sessions of Energy Healing. I have to say I was a little hesitant as it was distant healing, meaning she was not physically present with our kitten during the sessions. Two days after his first session all hesitation regarding the sessions flew out the door!

He was strutting around the house with his tail up, he was scaling his 4 foot scratching post in seconds and was now, for the first time, standing up for himself against out other cat.

Ever since his sessions he has been a different cat. He has gone from wimp to Beast! I get to play with him like a kitten for the first time since we adopted him. He has now established himself in all of our hearts and his role within the family. He is a true blessing and I will be forever grateful for all of Raisa’s help, her incredible gift, and for what she has done for our family.

Raisa I’m sure you are aware of this but if not, your gifts to help us truly understand how to make our pets lives better is worth more than all the money in the world. 

I can’t tell you how peaceful it feels to finally see our two beautiful kitties napping on the bed together without any sneezing, coughing, growling, swatting or tension in the room.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!"

-Linda P., Bacchaus & Turtle, Turkish Angora & Russian Blue, New Westminster BC

Robert Biser and Grandby
"I have become acquainted with Raisa through her dedicated concern for the welfare of the horse and her factual knowledge. It is not only a philosophy of dealing with animals, but it is the action.

With so much mistreatment, lack of respect, and greed of many in the horse industry, she has stood up to those challenges and has been a voice of the horse. Without people like her, the efforts of protecting the horse and other animals, would be far more difficult than it already is. Take the time to acquaint yourself with all she has to offer."

~Robert Biser, Horse Farm Design Consultant, Author of Cats Believe in Santa: Tales of Finding a Forever Home, Manager of the Equus Group.


"My eight year old rescue has been extremely fearful his whole life; since I got him at eight months of age. It has been a long and frustrating road and I had tried so many approaches. Being a dog trainer myself I thought I knew it all but there was just still something missing.

After sending a clear photo of my dog's face to Raisa, we got started on a session.

Raisa's kind and intuitive way of communicating with my dog answered so many questions. His fear was still causing him so much stress, especially at night where he would have daily (or nightly) nightmares. 

It was amazing how much Raisa knew about him without meeting him, and the information provided really helped me help him. Raisa helped me to further open up the bond with my dog and to bring my relationship to a deeper level.

Thank you Raisa for your helpful communication!"

~Simone Ritter & Jiaozi, mixed breed, Oh My Dog Training, Vancouver BC
Pangi (camera shy) and Lawri

Muffin (in the spirit world)

"Raisa Stone is kind, understanding, and empathetic. She kept contact throughout the process and gathered much information. Her service far exceeded my expectations. Her work is of great benefit to my pets and me."
~Rosary Bovello, President: Gaithersburg Pet Sitting LLC, Maryland
-Pet Sitter of the Year: Pet Sitters International

                   Joyce Rheal and Sasha, rescued Gray Wolf

"Raisa Stone is a Renaissance woman in the Animal Communication field. She is a gifted animal communicator who builds bridges between two worlds with humans and their pets, both spiritual and physical worlds. Raisa is also a gifted healer, and her respect, love and desires to build these bridges shines through her workshops, presentations, and through her professional and social contacts. Her strong dedication is present as she freely shares her knowledge and experiences with others including those who she mentors and coaches in the world of animal communication.

It is an honor to know Raisa Stone as a colleague and friend. She is an outstanding woman."

~Joyce Rheal, Nationally Certified Pet Care Consultant, Illinois

~Minister: Four Rivers Native American Church

~Author: "Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies & Disasters"

  • Wolf rescuer, wolf conservation educator
  • Certified trainer for "Good Canine Citizen Test" administered through the American Kennel Club
  • Certified Search and Rescue dog trainer


"OMG.....I am sitting here and I am crying! The Spirits told me about this Pug and had show me where I could found him....and yes, it was with the first look clear that this was my dog.

THANK YOU SO MUCH Raisa!!!! I thought that Paul would be a "spiritual" dog, but I didn't know "how much"! Thank you Raisa, you can't believe how much that will be for me. And yes, since I have Paul, I am on my shamanic way.

Love, Light, Blessings and a big, big HUG to you (and a wet kiss from Paul).

Much love."

~Magdalene Hoffmann & Paul Pug, Germany
"What a Divinely gifted spiritual medium Raisa Stone is. Her abilities to communicate with animals and heal them is simply amazing! She really is the New Dr. Dolittle and anyone wishing to communicate with their animals or help them to heal should, definitely, contact Raisa. She'll be able to help you. In fact, I would not only recommend her for your pet needs but also as an interesting speaker, who sings as well!"

~Joy "Sista' Joy" Foster: Minister, singer, storyteller, speaker & writer, Chicago, Illinois

"You are so spot on, describes her perfectly. And yes, she's always giving me her stuffies. I will try better to reassure her. I know she's very unsure, I just didn't know where it was based. The abandonment issue does make sense due to our history."~Angela Bond & Athena, Lab X, Vancouver, BC


(drooling due to dental surgery)

"Thank you Raisa! What I know of Holly, you're right on!...She has both my husband and I wrapped around her paw! We lost her male bunny friend in May...She does grunt! If I try to hold her on my lap to comb her, she whimpers. You offer some good suggestions for her area that I will work on improving...All good things to keep in mind.

~Tracy Wallace & Holly, House Bunny, Los Angeles, California


"As someone who rescues very difficult and complicated dogs, known as red zone dogs, it’s sometimes very hard to read them. Most come to us after severe abuse. Rocky is one of those dogs.

Raisa Stone has taken the energy from this dog, and without one piece of information, read him like she was looking into his soul.

This lady is quite wonderful and sure knows her work. I've learned to work with Rocky a tad differently, and it's been very successful. So if it's something you've never considered, especially with a rescue dog, you might want to give her a try.

I would highly recommend to those needing to know how to better understand their animals, to try this method of understanding your animals' energy. Sometimes it's just a matter of trust and and understanding what the animal is feeling, thinking and wanting.

Thank you, Raisa. We've learned a great deal about Rocky because of you."

~Jill Oakley and Rocky, Pitbull cross: Chelco Farms Rescue, Victoria BC

"Having Raisa communicate with my horse was a very enlightening experience for me. It has made the bond between us much stronger and our relationship much closer. 

I would highly recommend a session with Raisa Stone for any animal lover, especially horse owners. Horses are one of the few animals that have multiple owners/handlers in their lifetime and have a variety of experiences both good and bad that every owner cannot possibly know about. Something in their past can dictate a behaviour or fear that they cannot communicate to you. 

Raisa, using her special gift, can help you understand the horse in your life and that can only make your relationship better. Thank you Raisa!"

~Cindy Pugsley & Pepper, Quarter Horse: trail partners, Fraser Valley, BC


"I was a skeptic, now I'm a believer. I was to only give Raisa a picture of my Shih-Tzu Emma...I was blown away. Just to give you one of many examples, Raisa had no way of knowing I had been putting pink clothes on Emma, but Emma told her she does not like pink. Her favorite colour is red. I had just bought her a red collar!

I can honestly say Raisa Stone was very accurate about Emma. Her background, her present, her likes, dislikes and fears.

Thank you, Raisa, for doing this reading for Emma and us."

~Marion Hewko and Emma, Shih Tzu.

President: Safe at Last Rescue & Associate for Best Friends Rescue, sanctuary for the Michael Vicks dogs

Workshop Testimonials here
Barbara Joseph

"When I needed to rehome my precious horses due to a health crisis, I was frantic. Raisa Stone is a sweet lady who rallied people to help until I found the right homes, where I can visit and know my babies are okay. Reisa kept in touch, asked questions about our needs, and gave good advice on screening adopters and follow up, right when I needed it. The horses are doing great, and I feel good about the whole thing.
Thank you, Reisa for your help."

~Barbara Joseph, American Quarter Horse trainer, Idaho

"Raisa Stone was employed by me as a groom and exercise rider for my Thoroughbreds. She has excellent horsemanship skills, and is a kind and patient person. I was able to fully trust her with my champion Hunter, as well as with schooling a newly purchased horse from the track."

~Terry Mordue, dressage and hunter notable with Topaz, seven Equestrian Federation awards, winner of Spruce Meadows Hunter Classic, three times provincial Horse of the Year 

"There's a young lady in the Vancouver limelight. I met Raisa Stone when she contacted me about a horse and wagon trotting around downtown. She's a real animal lover and not afraid to defend them!"~Melva McLean, Founder of BC Horse Protection Society, in The Gaitpost Magazine. In reference to Raisa's leading the campaign to ban abused carriage horses from Vancouver's streets.

Raisa Stone's volunteer animal advocacy work includes continual monitoring of the status of cruelty regulations and their implementation. She has been harassed as recently as 2014 by an abusive carriage owner she put out of business in 1989.

"I have never seen anyone so patient with a difficult horse. You've accomplished what I could not."~Elke Otremba, Canada's premier Trakehner importer, dressage notable, Honoree of the Elke Otremba Trakehner Memorial Award

"Dear Raisa, warmest thanks for your generous support of the Humane Seal Campaign and our recent 'dog walk.' Thank you for all you do for our fellow creatures." ~Animal Defense & Anti-Vivisection Society of BC