Urgent sessions are ones that require Raisa's assistance outside her posted hours, and/or require a communication within 24 hours or less.

All requests for service betwe
en 5 pm PST Saturday and noon PST Monday, fall under Urgent requests, as do those for communications starting after 9 pm PST on weekdays, or on holidays.

Animal Communication is not a substitute for veterinary care and treatment.

If your pet
is bleeding, has been hit by a car, a heavy object or fallen from a height (bleeding or not), can't move, hasn't pooped or peed for 24 hours, is vomiting, has green mucus coming out of their nose or eyes, hasn't eaten in 48 hours or drank for 24 hours, is pooping or spitting blood, is wheezing/choking, is breathing oddly, has a bloated tummy, has a limb that is at an odd angle or severed, cries when touched or picked up, and/or your horse is sweating without exertion, biting at her sides, rolling obsessively, standing oddly, wheezing or groaning:
you must call a vet immediately.


Sessions must be prepaid by INTERAC e-Transfer or Paypal. If Raisa can't get back to you in time to help, your payment will be refunded fully and promptly.

Forward a photo, if at all possible. In Urgent cases, Reisa will work without a photo if necessary.

At least one eye visible, no red eye, no toys, dishes, tack or people. Label the photo with yours and your pet's name, e.g. Rover & Sally Jones.jpg

Email: info (at) reisastone.com

Urgent Session Contact.

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Urgent Session

$ 200 CAD

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-If you prefer, you may pay by INTERAC e-transfer.