Animal Communication workshops are so much fun! Lovely Ellie educates Raisa Stone and the class.

When we listen to animals, we feel a profound, spiritual shift in our relationships.

Photo: Carol Dymond

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"Raisa carries you through a paradox of emotion from tears to laughter. Her stories come from the heart based on her life experience. The obstacles she has faced are encouragement to others that adversity can become a benefit in person’s life to build character."

~Gary P. Green, Sargeant in Charge of Forensics, Victoria Police Dept. (ret), SPCA cruelty investigation instructor

"I love the way Raisa facilitates growth, rather than just talking about it. I've felt equal, supported and valued."~Mary Bergsteinnson, social worker

Workshop Feedback

"It was fantastic. Universal, very well guided. A very spiritual experience that helped me see and focus with my heart."~Linda Pardek, administrator

"Raisa, your teaching style is excellent. I love hearing your real life experiences. I would love to attend another one of your workshops."

~Steph Michaud, professional groom

"Raisa creates a safe place to play with intuition and telepathy. I was surprised and happy that everyone had the ability to talk with animals. Raisa's style is fun! I felt comfortable trying something new in front of people. It was okay to feel silly!"~Jude Torchuk, registered massage therapist

"Wonderful. I would like to do more of this. Raisa is a very positive personality, refreshing and honest."~Sandra Whyte, therapeutic riding assistant

"The only improvement this workshop needs is to be longer. Raisa's style is very comfortable, nonjudgmental and inclusive. Very glad I came!"
~Melody Pearson, veterinary technician

"This workshop offers a very deep foray into profound territory in a short time frame. Participants are wholeheartedly encouraged to be unedited and expressive, which allows for nourishing and informative practice sessions with each others' animals.

Even the most doubting among us were surprised by our own abilities, and warmly encouraged by Raisa's support.

Raisa is relaxed and very encouraging. Her vast experience shines through. A nice combination of exercises, information and practice."
~Roberta Skye, realtor

"I was amazed at what I'm capable of, having never done this before. Raisa was very informative and gave us real teaching aids for practice at home. I loved the workshop!"
~Debbie Reid, retired letter carrier

"Raisa, you're teaching such fundamental life skills...I was impressed by your steadiness and lack of b.s., as well as your strength of character. You are a fine role model for women. And for men too, for that matter."~Marial Shea, writer/editor

"Raisa is an extremely gifted educator. I've taken two workshops with her. The atmosphere she creates is fun, relaxing, empowering and respectful.~Sherry LePage, CBC film producer

"I loved your humour and honest approach to teaching...You are a professional, and I went home feeling full and joyful."~Lindy Wolfe, yogini

Raisa Stone, Animal Communicator