How AC Works

Why do we need traffic signs and lights, painted lines and designated turning lanes? Without these, traffic would be life threatening chaos.

Yet most of us have seen a herd of deer or horses all raise their heads at the same time, wheel, and run in the same direction. No visible signals, and not a single member of the herd crashing into another. A flock of birds flies in unison. Their flight is perfectly synchronized and breathtakingly graceful.

Animals communicate by telepathy, Greek for "distant feeling." They're informed by sending and retrieving mental pictures. They project emotion and sensation.

Raisa taps into these messages. She listens like a deer!

If you've heard the saying, We are all one, it's both spiritual and scientific fact. From mystic scholars to quantum physicists, the world's great thinkers are acknowledging that all beings, all things, are connected.

Animal Communication is a way of tapping into that Oneness. The spirit world is part of that Oneness.Have you ever known who was calling before you picked up the phone? Then you've experienced telepathy. 

Raisa does not foretell the future, do third party communications, or give information outside your pet's personal knowledge. While pets in the spirit world can give wise and witty insights, they are not omnipotent.


Your AC Session 

Are you ready to hear the profound things your companion has to say?

Reisa works primarily over the phone, and can help you anywhere in the world. Click here for a list of services and fees.

Once you've booked an appointment, send two clear photos of your pet, with eyes visible.

Give your pet explicit permission to speak with Reisa.

Your appointment time is booked once payment is received. Reisa then pre-interviews your pet.

She enters a deep meditation and interviews your pet based upon this questionnaire, which takes up to an hour.

You then speak with Raisa on the phone. Your pet will join in telepathically for this session, clarifying your questions as they arise.

After your session, Raisa has closure with your pet.

"Closure" means she thanks your pet, and listens to anything they may have not raised during the session.

All the above is included in the session fee, i.e.,  no extra charges. for pre-interviewing your pet or closing.

Are you ready to hear what your companion has to say? Click here to book your session.